BSc (Hons) Geomatic & Land Surveying
Approval Code
PA 5706
Course Duration
4.0 Years
Course Mode
Full Time
Subject Area
Geospatial & Land Surveying
Course Location
Kuala Lumpur

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Geomatics and Land Surveying specially designed according to the latest developments related to Geomatics and Land Surveying has led us to propose new programs in the undergraduate Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Geomatics and Land Surveying to meet industry needs and the rapid development of technology. The program also sought from Diploma students who need superior platform to enhance their education to enable them to pursue a career in the field of land surveying and the results of discussions with the industry to become a member of the Board of Review / External Advisory Panel appointed by the college we show the specific needs to the field of Geomatics and Land Surveying. Graduates must be able to have a high technical capability and expertise in this field and also sensitive to the needs of the work related to Geomatics and Land Surveying.