Diploma In Fashion Design
Approval Code
A 7503
Course Duration
2.5 Years
Course Mode
Full Time
Subject Area
Fashion Design
Course Location
Kuala Lumpur


Fashion is an international industry and Malaysia is already building a reputation for fashion at the global stage. Whilst there are a number of successful fashion brands in Malaysia, the industry demands talented fashion designers who are able to innovate and develop creative designs that can compete in the global market.

The Diploma in Fashion Design aims at developing students’ ability to conceptualize and produce fashion designs of recognized international standards to meet the changing needs of the global textile and apparel trade. The diploma emphasizes innovation and creativity in Fashion Design while providing students with the technical know-how necessary for a successful career in the fashion industry.

The three-year program ensures students will have a firm foundation in research, design methodology and practical skills in drawing, communications and fashion designing. Students will be introduced to the skills of construction in sewing, flat pattern drafting and illustration. Field trips to showrooms, museums and factories also helps to broaden students’ knowledge of the fashion industry, as well as special projects and lectures by guest speakers.

The program is very hands-on and students are expected to design their own garments collection. This includes all designs worn to create a statement about the individual. It incorporates all production activities which include the manipulation and experimentation of textiles and trims to generate ideas that will then be translated into three-dimensional form through pattern drafting and/or draping and sewing.

  • To produce innovative and creative design that can be accepted by the community
  • To apply the techniques in solving fashion design problems and fulfilling client’s needs
  • To be able to manage a clothing organization and be involved in other management work schedule in the fashion industries
  • To produce an innovative attitude and initiatives towards creating effective and efficient professionals in fashion design industries.





The English Language Entry Requirement for International Student at GEOMATIKA University College are as follows:

  1. IELTS : International English Language Testing System
  2. TOEFL: Test of English as Foreign Language





Band 3.0




                        **For students who do not have the above English Qualification, they must undergo Geomatika College International’s English Program



  • Fashion designer
  • Fashion consultant
  • Boutique owner



Norazean Abd Malik


        Dean of Faculty Hospitality and Wellness



         Bachelor (Hons) in Fashion Design (UiTM)