Diploma in Islamic Banking
Approval Code
PA 3802
Course Duration
2.5 Years
Course Mode
Full Time
Subject Area
Islamic Banking
Course Location
September/October 2015


This program is designed to introduce students to the importance of Islamic banking as part of the financial system and how the present institution can be progressively transformed.

It is believed that this program is one such alternate window which is being trusted by many countries all over the world and as for now it is gaining popularity. Students that have learning this course will be exposed to the basic understanding of the concepts and operating principles that apply to different types of Islamic banking in comparison to conventional banking.

The course is open for all individuals wishing to pursue a career in Islamic banking or also may want to learn the  application of Islamic  Banking  windows in current Conventional Banking setup.

  1. To ensure the students can examine the types of retail banking, corporate banking and investment banking services offered by Islamic banks
  2. To examine the unique role of the Shari'ah scholars in the supervision of Islamic banks and ensuring the fulfilment of their social obligations​
  3. To let the students demonstrate an understanding of the concept of risk, its importance and how risk can be identified and managed in Islamic banks






The Diploma in Islamic Banking Graduates from GUC are able to pursue the following careers:

Prof. Nor Yasmin Haji Jamaludin


Dean Faculty of Management & Entreprenueship



Master of Education