Diploma in Computer Science
Approval Code
PA 3803
Course Duration
3.0 Years
Course Mode
Full Time
Subject Area
ICT & Multimedia
Course Location
Kuala Lumpur


Computer Science is the scientific and practical approach to computers and its application.  IT field in general and Computer Science specifically is very important in any countries in the world. It helps to advance technology and prepare the ripe environment to breed innovation and creative solution to problem faced by an organization, either a small company or millions people of a country. By preparing future graduates in Diploma in Computer Science, we can fulfill the market needs of professional Computer Science practitioners not only for local industry but also for the international market.

  • To give strong foundation in Computer Science knowledge.
  • To expose the students with the theory and practicality of various topic under Computer Science.
  • To equip students with the balance of Computer theory and concept in big picture operation of computers.
  • To fosters creativity and innovation in order to develop students’ capabilities of creating new, original, and unique ideas related to computing, network and information system.
  • To foster high ethical values and develop good communication skills as needed in practice.
  • To equip students with life-long learning attitude so they will continue to explore new technique and technology related to Computer Science




Geomatika University College graduates are in high demand either in the public or private sectors. All skills that have been acquired can be applied and practiced by the students upon graduating the program. Employment opportunities are available as per the following :

Wan Faeeza binti Husain Sadri


       Dean Faculty of IT & Creative Multimedia