Vision and Mission


A preferred tertiary education provider of choice



• We are the tertiary education provider in Malaysia

• To provide tertiary education in academic based programs and vocational programs to the highest level.

• To provide equal education opportunity ensuring a learning journey of meaningful experiences.

• To produce holistic future graduates that are capable to serve cohesively the community to contribute towards a smart nation



Our values are embedded in our organizational culture as the backbone of our business and services conduct, reflecting our sense of duty and responsibility in upholding our commitment towards developing our future graduates to become active citizens.

• E---Enthusiastic

Passionate about teaching, coaching, learning and uphold life-long learning as value for human growth and professionalism.

• P---Proactive

To keep ourselves in advanced or at pace with the requirement and demand of tertiary education globally.

• I---Integrity

To work professionally (honest and upright) in our own role to serve clients and all stakeholders.

• C---Cohesiveness

To work in team and collaboratively to achieve our goals.