Career Service



Stay connected with fellow alumni while helping to support the Geomatika University College of Business through an investment of your time and talent as well as with your financial resources whether you have graduated last month, last year or even decades ago.
The Division of Student Formation & Campus Life, inspired by our Surrounding Challenging Era, challenges student to recognize their unique gifts and talents, reach beyond their perceived capabilities, develop restless desire for excellence grounded in gratitude, and discover and embrace who they are called to be.

Committed to forming socially responsible, engaged, and reflective men and women, the Division facilitates transformative learning experiences aimed at advancing students’ understanding of a lifelong commitment to:

•    Developing adult faith and spirituality
•    Fostering a healthy balanced lifestyle
•    Cultivating a sense of personal responsibility and accountability
•    Honoring diverse thoughts,perspective and cultures
•    Integrating knowledge into lived experiences
•    Engaging in service for and with others, and discerning one’s vocation and direction

Geomatika University College Career Service Center will be recognized as the premier facilitator of collaborative relationships among stakeholders (students, alumni, employers, parents, faculty, staff and global community) for the purpose of career development and experiential learning. Throughinnovative development of best practices, the career team will exceed expectations in preparing Geomatika University College students for vocational success.

Career Service Centre Main Duties:

•    Gathering data about local and nationallabour market,
•    Gathering information about workplaces in companies active in the region, 
eg: in the whole of Poland and abroad
•    Organizing a meeting of employers and students, and presentation of companies,
•    Conducting workshops connected with thelabour market,
•    Preparing students for interviews,
•    Keeping database of job-seekers as recruitment agency
•    Grant projects coordination,
•    Organizing consultative meetings to help student to get to know themselves and their vocational predispositions better,
•    Information on the perspectives of professional development and on the opportunities for raising qualifications,
•    Organizing periodically the Job Fair,
•    Running Career Counseling Service for applicants for studies, students and graduates,
•    Conducting training for secondary schools on career and professional development planning.

For any enquiries:


     Pn Zarifah binti Mat Hussin

     En Muhammadd Faizul bin Mokhtar
     Email: +603-4252 4576



The Counseling Unit is committed in providing comprehensive and cutting edge counseling services that are developmental, preventive and remedial to facilitateproblem-resolution, improve relationships, enhance growth and empower development of fullest potential through promoting and modeling positive mental health for our students.

We aim to guide you towards a fulfilling study experience.  Student counselors are available to provide support to students who seek guidance or need assistance on various challenges encountered throughout their years of study, whetherits related to supportive problem-solving assistance for academic or personal concerns.

In line with the mission of Growth,Challenge and Discovery, Counseling may be defined as a growth process through which individuals are assisted to define their goals, make decisions, and solve problems related to personal-social; educational and career concerns. Counseling can present you with personal challenges and you are likely to discover new and exciting aspects of yourself.

Students are welcome to approach our experienced professional counselors or you make an appointment during office hours. All discussion is held at your discretion and confidentiality is maintained at all times. You are also welcome to drop an e-mail to our counselors at



     Pn Zarifah binti Mat Hussin

     En Muhammadd Faizul bin Mokhtar
     Email: +603-4252 4576