Student Support

The International Students Office (InSO)   operates as a one-stop-centre to provide students with support and guidance throughout their studies. At Geomatika, we have a well-established network of support staff and a range of services in place to advise and assist students with any problems they may experience relating to their studies, health issues, career and personal issues. The four areas that are handled by the InSO includes:

•  International Office - to assist international students with immigration matters pertaining to their studies and to assist international students in adapting to the local culture and environment.

•  Student Residence - to provide students with a home away from home that is clean, secure and comfortable.

•  Student Activities - to create a climate in which students have a well-rounded education experience through clubs, societies and workshops, sports, student events/activities, recreational and outdoor activities.

•  Student Care Unit - to provide advice and assistance to students in areas such as personal and career counseling, university and job placements and student needs.



Speakers from various industries are constantly invited to speak to students about their career prospects in various industries. In addition to this, talks on personal grooming which includes skincare, dressing and interview skills, are also organized to prepare students for future interviews with prospective employers. Activities such as Fashion De Geomatika, , Charity Carnival, International Cultural Night, Ultimate Prom Night and Debating and Public Speaking Competition are held to make campus life more exciting.  


Students at Geomatika University are encouraged to have a well-rounded education experience to help them further develop their interpersonal and communication skills while learning about other cultures. Through clubs and societies such as the Debating Club, Drama Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Go holiday Club, students are able to participate in extra-curricular activities such as camping, mountain climbing, futsal and bowling. Students are also encouraged to participate in community services and activities. 


Some of the student clubs and societies at Geomatika includes:

•  Student Council: This is the ‘voice of the students’ and comprises representatives from each club and society. It is responsible for spearheading a wide range of activities within or outside the campus.

•  Malaysian Cultural Society (MCS): This Society seeks to practice and promote Malaysian culture amongst students and staff and is open to students of all races and backgrounds.

•  Football, Badminton & Futsal Club: The Football Club was formed by a group of students who are passionate about the ‘world’s most beautiful game’, and its spin-off, the Futsal Club was formed in response to the growing interest among students. Since the inception of these clubs, many new sporting clubs have been formed. The teams participate and held internal and external tournaments.

•  Dance & Drama: A new club which was formed by a group of dynamic, young and energetic students who share a passion for performing arts.

•  Debating and Public Speaking Club: Another newly formed club that seeks to recruit students who share the importance of commutative and critical thinking skills. Students will be regularly practice to participate in any internal and external debating and public speaking competition to enhance their presentation skills.



At the start of the academic year, orientation is an extremely important event as it is the first exciting introduction of life at Geomatika. The orientation program offers students the opportunity to become acquainted with Geomatika, its staff, fellow students, courses, facilities and environment. It is also a time for students to make new friends, learn their way around campus and get to know the social and sporting clubs and societies that may interest them.