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4 Reasons Geographic Information System May be the Best Careers

Careers in Geographic Information Science (GIS) have become increasingly varied with the evolution of the field. This is in part due to the rise of accessible geospatial databases and the availability of APIs for platforms like Google Maps; these trends have made it possible for businesses, non-profit organizations as well as government agencies to access an abundance of spatial data that was simply not readily available before. Geographic Information System May be the best careers because:

It’s a Highly Multidisciplinary Career.

One of the advantages of a discipline that touches on nearly all aspects of modern living is that it’s possible to leverage specialized GIS knowledge for a limitless number of applications and use cases. This makes careers in GIS especially rewarding for individuals who enjoy understanding how different technologies and areas of expertise relate to each other, and who enjoy collaboration with experts in other disciplines.

A Variety of work to suit all styles

Geospatial information touches many aspects of both the public and private sectors and just about every industry imaginable, from agriculture and aerospace to ecology and economics. If you want to work outdoors tracking wildlife in the Arctic, that’s one possibility. GIS professionals qualify for occupations in myriad fields. There are climate scientists who provide analyses to all sectors of the economy, health geographers who use technology to stop the spread of diseases and developers who create interactive maps and other robust GIS applications.

A Growing Field with Strong Job Prospects

With the rapidly increasing availability of geospatial data, APIs for platforms likeHere Maps and integration into the Internet of Things, GIS professionals have more tools at their disposal than ever before. That growth, in turn, has made it possible for experts to address large-scale problems – from enhancing humanitarian efforts such as disease control and city planning to providing business intelligence solutions for product management and marketing.

Have Opportunities to Make a Difference

A career in GIS presents many opportunities to make an impact with the work you do. There’s no end to the spatial information to be mapped and analyzed. You can put your GIS skills to use by helping develop a neighborhood, conserving a wildlife habitat or defending your nation as a servicemember. Whether you want to improve infrastructure, grow a business or streamline operations on a military base, you’ll have chances to shape the way humans interact with the world around them. GIS improves our understanding of the social, geological and temporal factors that contribute to some of the world’s most challenging problems.

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