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A Structure Like Never Before


Read How Will The Newly Proactive Student Council Team Sheds Limelight on Geomatika University College (GUC)

written by Camelia Nor Azlan, Secretary of SRC.GUC

KUALA LUMPUR, 27TH FEBRUARY – Geomatika University College (GUC) held a manifesto election on September 2020 for all holistic students of GUC to participate in and uphold a position in the Student Representative Council (SRC). A total of 19 admirable students are chosen to be a part of the team, and they have been creating history ever since.

The team aims to form a firm mutual connection with the students and authorities of GUC whilst standing as the pilar of strength for the reputation of the campus. “Truthfully, the SRC team in our college are quite inactive. The stagnation the team had in the past years was unbearable for me, so I knew I just have to join this team. Camelia, the Secretary of SRC.GUC said.

As for this year, a special upcoming even on 13th March 2021 the SRC.GUC team has volunteered to organize the virtual event Virtual Dean’s List Award Ceremony. The team received complaints from Dean’s listed student in not receiving their award for the entire 2020. Meanwhile, the team received students’ feedback well, thus decided on taking advantage of the event and allow students to take a glimpse of how the team operates professionally.

The event may be virtual, but it allows the team to be recognized in curricular and academically.

SRC.GUC not only hosts and manage events, but will provide necessary and beneficial services for students, staffs, and lecturer and even the industrial community to access. The team, mainly credited to Pearl Hasleigh Taunan (International Vice President of SRC.GUC and website developer), has developed SRC.GUC Official Website.

Below are the listed future/ongoing services/platforms and programs that the team encourage students to take a look in the website-


Welcoming Committees: introduction of all SRC.GUC members.

SRC.GUC Event Calendar: official SRC.GUC event calendar throughout 2021.


Honourable Mentions: dedicating a page for highly achieved GUC students.

Student Showcase: showcasing the best work from every faculty by GUC students.

Student Blog: a leisure and business promotional page for GUC to take advantage and connect together.

Printable Templates: templates provided for GUC students to manage their time and course work effectively.


Academic Calendar: official academic calendar of GUC throughout 2021.

GUC Bus Schedule: official GUC bus schedule with WhatsApp group for students to access and stay updated to and from their dormitories.

Official Local & International Telegram: official Telegram and WhatsApp group for all students


Student Feedback Form: a page to receive the feedback and complaints of our fellow students.

Committee Contact Information: SRC.GUC members contact information.

OFFICIAL SRC.GUC WEBSITE: https://gucsrc2020.wixsite.com/2020

“The team chipped in many ideas for the website, and it has been a large step forward for the team. To be fair, what we are currently planning now is the foundation for our future SRC.GUC team members.” Pearl said.

Truthfully, ever since the inactivity of previous SRC.GUC team as per mention by Camelia, what the team are preparing now is a leap of faith for the future of SRC.GUC and GUC itself in hopes to bring GUC shed in the limelight of education industry.

“Being a part of the SRC team is no easy task. We have a responsibility to escape our comfort zone and grow leadership traits, for fulfilling our duties as the bridge between students and GUC is our priority.”

 Puteri Intan Sara Azhar

President of SRC.GUC