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A Visit To Istana Budaya And National Art Gallery

By January 24, 2020January 31st, 2020No Comments

14 January 2020 – Department of Creative Multimedia has organized a field trip to Istana Budaya and National Art Gallery Trip for students under Faculty of Creative and Information Technology (FACIT) in Geomatika University College (GUC). A total of 21 students consist of four students from department of Broadcasting Journalism and the remaining was from Creative Multimedia with lecturer Sir Muhammad Colmann Abdulah participated in the trip.

The National Art Gallery a public art gallery of various art exhibition throughout the year for all public especially tourists to visit. Students explored the fine arts created by local artists, beginning with Tun Razak gallery Attention Please: New Media exhibits assemble new media practitioners from diverse background such as installation, video, painting and mixed media artworks throughout National Collection. In Reka gallery MyPost Malaysian posters, exhibits collections of movie, music, exhibition posters of Malaysia, among the movies were U-Wei Haji Saari, Yasmin Ahmad, any many concert poster design by Tapa Otai a famous Malaysian graphic designer.

In auditorium and gallery 2B a solo exhibit entitled ‘LOK’ by Raja Shariman bin Raja Aziddin, one of the sculptors who still standing strong in producing sculpture works in Malaysia. His artistry revolves towards body figure and Kris. Lastly in 2A gallery entitled ‘At the End of the Day Even Art is not important’ by Ahmad Fuad Osman features many of Fuad’s paintings, videos, sketches and objects. He painted and sculpted how he felt under many economical changes throughout the development of Malaysia. “It was amazing and precise on how the artists were able to describe their emotions using art!”.

After lunch the students headed to the Istana Budaya office, Mr. Badrul Zaman bin Abdul Jalil, the Assistant Director of Senireka department brief the student regarding the purpose of this department on howthe work behind the scene for theatre, dance, music. Seni Reka department consist of graphic department, where design all the in house printing alongside photography unit where shots all the photos of the events. Costume department design and make costume and Props and Sets department design and make props and sets. On the wall there were collections of posters of projects they have worked.

The graphic department utilise original photos taken by the photographer for promotion purpose, the designer will design and print in house. Mr Muhammad Syukri Bin Salahuddin showed the printing machinery and work progress in poster printing department and explain step by step how the design process were done. Madam Fetri binti Badron brought the students to pay a visit to backstage of the Istana Budaya caught student’s eyes immediately. The students fell in awe with the size of the stage, amazed on how the stage they’re standing on lies the footprint of all famous actor, actresses and dancers around the globe.

At the backstage consist of many other room such as Artists Room, Prop Room, Wardrobe/Costume Room, Tailor’s Room and finally the Make-Up room. Artists prepare their final touches just before the show begins in artists room. In the Prop Room, the carpenter preparing props according to sets & props of the events, it is common to work extra hours to finish task as the quantity are huge.

In the Tailor Room, tailor’s prepare costumes based drawing by the costume designer upon the script. All the costume used will be store in the wardrobe/costume room consisted full collections of clothing based on eras throughout the project in the past years. In make-up room. Professional make-up artists who are the own staffs assist the artists or performers with their appearance.

We had the chance to see behind the scene of the Nation Theatre and experience the working place and working environment of theatre production. This gives us a lot of input related to our filed on how work behind the scene are done. After the visits, the students head back to the bus and ended the trip. It is an eye opening for me and my friends related to our course!”

One of the students in Multimedia shared his feelings, “I am truly grateful for this opportunity to experience the behind the scenes of Istana Budaya and the artistry of all artists displayed in The National Art Gallery.

Written by:
Camelia Nor Azlan
Student Diploma in Broadcast Journalism

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