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Adapting Good Study Habits during MCO for Online Learning

Corona virus outbreak has certainly brought a huge change in our daily lifestyles. This includes the switch from face-to-face classes to remote learning for students.  It may be a little frustrating to some students but with proper planning and time management, you may able to overcome this.

Here are some practical tips that will help you get started as you navigate distance learning:

  1. Prepare your study space
    If you already have a study desk in your room, that’s great! Do a little cleaning and allocate some space for your books, laptop, calculators and other study tools.
    If you do not have a study table in your room, choose a dedicated area in your house where you can study with minimal distractions. Make sure the place is clean and generally quiet during your study time. Also, ensure that the place is having good internet connection so that the online classes can go on smoothly.
  1. Inform others in your home that you will be having online class or you will be studying
    It is really important for you to keep your family members or roommates informed when you will be having online classes or you will be studying. This will help them to understand and it can minimize disturbance to allow you to focus better. You may also use headphones during online classes to stop others from distracting you (and you from distracting others).
  1. Use resources effectively – Making the most of online lectures
    Learning online is different – The motivation and drive to focus needs to come from you, and the responsibility for your learning sits more on your shoulders. Try to stick to the schedule and inform your lecturer if you cannot make it for the online class; especially if you are having internet connection issues.  Your lecturers/teachers may provide you with additional resources to help you with this – make good use of whatever that is provided to you.
    Remember to take notes during the online lecture and find out how to ask questions during the online lesson – You may use the chat feature in the online platform to clear your doubts.
  1. Stay organized
    Make sure you know the due dates for all your assignments, homework, tutorials and task. Often homework/task is given to prepare you for upcoming content, or to check your understanding of what you have already been taught. So, please try to complete them from time to time. In addition, be aware on the dates of online quiz and tests.  Make sure you prepare well and score your quiz and test with good grades. You may even prepare a weekly planner to keep yourself organized and to make sure you do not miss out any important datelines!
  1. Stay connected to others
    Even if we limit how much face-to-face time we spend with others, staying in touch is crucial than ever- Staying in touch with lecturers, classmates, and teammates is important for your success. Talking to or texting loved ones and friends can also help reduce stress and anxiety.

Take things day by day and try to use some of the approaches outlined here to stay organized and focused. Reach out to your lecturers and classmates as needed, and use the additional support resources provided.

Remember, you’re not alone — we’re all in this together!