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University of Geomatika Malaysia (UGM) is one of higher education provider that has been invited by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) to establish and operate as APEL.A Assessment Center.

Applicant who wish to enroll their studies in a chosen program at University of Geomatika Malaysia but lacking the minimum academic requirement as stipulated in normal entry requirements may apply for entry using APEL assessment process for program at undergraduate and master level.

APEL.A certification can only be used for the purpose of applicants furthering their studies in the chosen field, which should be relevant to their prior learning. It is not equivalent to the knowledge and competencies of a particular academic degree programme at an MQF level. The certification cannot be used for the purpose of seeking employment.

University of Geomatika Malaysia’s (UGN) APEL.A Assessment Centre appointed by MQA to receive and process APEL applications for admission to the Certificate (APEL T-3), Diploma (APEL T-4), Bachelor’s Degree (APEL T-6) and Master’s Degree (by Coursework and Mixed Mode (APEL T-7) programs.


(APEL T-3)


(APEL T-4)

Bachelor’s Degree

(APEL T-6)

Master’s Degree by Coursework and Mixed Mode

(APEL T-7)

Admission By Apel.A | Geomatika
Admission By Apel.A | Geomatika
Admission By Apel.A | Geomatika
Admission By Apel.A | Geomatika

APEL.A certification determines the eligibility of an applicant to apply for admission into a master’s by coursework and mixed mode, bachelor’s, diploma or certificate programme at University of Geomatika Malaysia. Given the fact that APEL.A assessment may take as long as two (2) to four (4) months, applicants are advised to apply for APEL.A certification 6 months prior to the date of admission on any interested programme that equivalent. An APEL.A certification qualifies the applicant to apply for admission to any programme in University of Geomatika Malaysia.

Apel.A Certification Process | Geomatika
Apel A Certification Process | Geomatika

APEL.A application can be submitted via MQA’s APEL Portal ( After done the registration, the APEL portal address is,as given in the email from MQA titled “Permohonan penilaian APEL bagi tujuan kemasukan ke” “University of Geomatika Malaysia ” in which applicants need to register through this website ( The application / registration form is the evidence to be presented for University of Geomatika Malaysia’s verification and validation process.

i. Self-Assessment

In deciding whether or not to undertake APEL, applicants will need to consider the fact that it is a highly individualised process which will require the use of their skills such as self-motivation, reflection and time management. Applicants must first ensure that the basic entry requirements set. Apart from being a Malaysian / an expatriate working in Malaysia / an expatriate’s family member as well as meeting the age and academic qualification requirements (only master’s level admission require academic qualification), applicants must also assess the relevancy of their prior learning experience whether there is a match between their prior experience or certificated learning and the competencies. It is important for the applicant to understand the learning needs of the desired programme. If the applicant feels he has the potential to pursue a level of study (Master’s, Bachelor’s, Diploma or Certificate) and have met the basic requirements, the applicant may apply to be assessed through APEL.A.

ii. Application Process

Applicants must complete an application form. The application form and the APEL assessment fee, in the form of a bank draft made payable to GEOMATIKA EDUGROUP SDN BHD should be submitted to the APEL.A Assessment Centre. The University of Geomatika Malaysia will contact the applicant after receipt of the application form and the bank draft / payment prove. Subsequently, the date and location for taking the aptitude test will be set. Registration and application processes of APEL.A assessment or Master’s and Bachelor’s levels starts in University of Geomatika Malaysia and will be directed to the APEL.A Assessment Centre.

Portfolio Construction

For recognition of prior learning, applicants are required to disclose all formal, informal and nonformal learning in the form of a Portfolio. Thus, their claim may include certificated learning and experiential learning. For certificated learning, applicants are required to attach certified copies of their certificates and documentation of courses. As for experiential learning, applicants must be careful to match their experience to the stated MQF competencies. Applicants also need to select relevant supporting evidence and link it to their reflective description. This may include documentary evidence; statements/testimonies from employers/clients/colleagues. However, applicants should be selective in choosing clear and concise evidence which have direct relevance to the learning acquired. Portfolio will help assessors to visualise and evaluate competences acquired by the learners either in informal or non-formal learning.

Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test which is a formal examination will be conducted, which carries 100% of the total APEL.A assessment for Certificate and Diploma levels, 30% of the total APEL.A assessment for Bachelor’s degree level and 40% of the total APEL.A assessment for Master’s level. The purpose of the Aptitude Test, as part of the APEL.A assessment is to cater for numerical literacy, languages and general knowledge / critical thinking abilities of the candidate.

Section Test Content
Numerical Literacy Basic numeracy, Basic algebra, Problem-solving
English Literacy Reading & comprehension - Vocabulary, Grammar & tenses - Error correction, Spelling
Bahasa Melayu Literacy Reading & comprehension - Vocabulary, Grammar & tenses - Error correction, Spelling
General Knowledge / Critical Thinking Logical reasoning, Classification skills, Pattern recognition

An official notification letter to inform the results will be issued to the applicant by MQA and APEL.A Assessment Centre. Applicants who have passed the APEL.A assessment will be awarded the APEL certification by MQA, which can be used to apply for admission into University of Geomatika Malaysia. Applicant must collect APEL certification at APEL.A Assessment,Centre.

a) For Certificate and Diploma, the APEL.A Assessment comprises of

  • Portfolio (No weightage % but compulsory to submit for Experiences and Working years’ evidence)
  • Aptitude Test (100%)

b) For Bachelor Level, the APEL (A) Assessment comprises of

  • Portfolio (70%)
  • Aptitude Test (30%)

c) For Master Level, the APEL (A) Assessment comprises of

  • Portfolio (50%)
  • Aptitude Test (40%)
  • Interview (10%)

1) The fee rates set out in the A candidate charge setting are as follows;

Level Total Fee

(Malaysian Citizen) *Including APEL.A MQA Certificate

Total Fee (Expatriate)
APEL A. T-3 (Certificate) RM175
APEL A. T-4 (Diploma) RM175
APEL A. T-6 (Bachelor) RM270 USD300.00
APEL A. T-7 (Master) RM390 USD500.00

2) The fee rates for appeal process

No Charges Total Fee

(Malaysian Citizen)

Total Fee


1 Rechecking Aptitude Test RM80 USD 150.00
2 Re-sit Aptitude RM100 USD 150.00
3 Rechecking Portfolio RM100 USD 150.00
4 Resubmission Portfolio RM100 USD 150.00

*If there is a need to send the certificate to an overseas address, current overseas postage charges will apply.

For any inquiries please contact us at:

APEL.A Assessment Centre

University of Geomatika Malaysia,

Lot 5-5-7, 5th Floor Wisma Prima Peninsula

 Jalan Setiawangsa 11, Taman Setiawangsa 54200 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-4252 4576   |   Fax: 03-4260 3559