APEL (C) is the award of credits for the prior experiential learning towards a course in an accredited programme of the higher education provider. APEL (C) provides the mechanism to recognise the individual’s prior experiential learning that is relevant and specific to a course within a programme of study. The credit award is granted on the basis of the knowledge and skills acquired through informal and non-formal learning. These forms of learning which emphasize experiential learning will need to be formally reviewed and assessed.

The process will determine if learning has in fact occurred and is in line with the learning outcomes of the course’s concerned. It is the learning and not the experience of the learners which is being evaluated.

The justification for the implementation of APEL (C) are as follows:

  • To provide recognition for learning acquired from non-formal and informal sources;

  • To reduce the duplication of learning, or learning of the same/similar content;

  • To encourage the participation of adults in higher education by recognising their prior experiential learning in the form of credits awarded;


Geomatika University College’s (GUC) APEL (C) Centre is established to promote and support Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning for Credit Award [APEL (C)] and encourage the participation of adults in higher education by recognising their prior experiential learning in the form of credits awarded. This Centre is responsible for managing, monitoring, developing, maintaining and exercising any matters in regards to APEL (C). GUC has been approved by MQA to implement APEL (C), starting from 1st September 2020 until 31st August 2025.


  • As a one-stop centre for all APEL (C) inquiries and to provide essential information on the processes and procedures in the implementation of APEL (C);

  • To outline the policies on the implementation of APEL (C) and adhere to MQA’s Guidelines to Good Practices: Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning for Credit Award updated September 2020;

  • To monitor the development and arrangement of the assessment instrument used to award credits;

  • To develop, maintain and exercise APEL (C) application procedures to the learner and other stakeholders;

  • To ensure an effective, transparent and quality-assured practice of APEL (C) that will instill confidence in the outcomes of the APEL (C) processes.;

  • To provide training and development of APEL (C);

  • To encourage continuous learning and promotes the positive aspects of the learning experience of an individual.


Pre-Application Process -> Application Process -> Assessment & Result Process


General Policies, Rules, and Regulations

  1. Learners may request credit awards from courses for any taught programme – both undergraduate and postgraduate based on evidence of prior learning.

  2. APEL (C) will only be given for taught courses. APEL (C) can be implemented for all areas and levels of qualifications in the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) except for final year project-based subjects and dissertations. For the postgraduate level of study, the credit award is limited only to the courses in programmes conducted via coursework and mixed modes.

  3. APEL (C) is confined to courses in programmes that have obtained at least provisional accreditation from MQA

  4. Courses that from part of the programme structure under professional bodies may be considered for APEL (C), subject to acceptance by relevant professional bodies. GUC’s shall be responsible for securing such approval. Learners are responsible to obtain updates from the APEL(C) Centre.

  5. Credit will only be awarded against authenticated documentary evidence of learning and not for specific experiences. It is the achievement of outcomes of learning that is being recognized.

  6. APEL (C) cannot be used to retrieve a failed module.

  7. Learners are not allowed to apply for APEL (C) for courses that the learner has already registered and undertaken during the period of study.

  8. Learners may obtain the forms at APEL (C) Centre


The APEL (C) provision is applicable to learners (local & international) registered at Geomatika University College regardless of the mode of entry; whether through conventional or APEL (A) route.

Awards of Credits

  1. The award of credits through APEL (C) is in the form of credit transfer where it does not involve the transfer of grades. However, the credits awarded for the course will be counted towards the total credit requirement for graduation.

  2. The maximum percentage of credit transfer through APEL (C) is 30% of the total graduating credits of a specific programme of study.

  3. For both Challenge Test and/or Portfolio Based Assessment, an applicant must achieve at least 50% of each course learning outcome.

  4. Credit transfer through APEL (C) can be an addition to the existing formal credit transfer.

  5. Credits awarded through APEL (C) can be transferred automatically to another programme within GUC if the course for which credits have been awarded through APEL (C) has the same learning outcomes.

  6. The credits awarded must be equivalent to the credit value of the course applied for APEL (C). An award of partial credits will not be allowed.

  7. Credits awarded for a course are only applicable to the specific course applied for. Credits are not automatically applied to pre-requisites (if any) of the specific course.

  8. Assessment for credit awards should be carried out separately for each course. *Credit award cannot be granted on a block basis. *Example – Assessment for Accounting (I) course should be made separately with Accounting (II)

  9. The maximum credit transfer allowed through APEL (C) at various MQF levels is as follows:

Apel C | Geomatika


  1. Application Fee – Processing fees of RM 450.00 per subject will be charged for processing process. The refund will be returned for learners that do not qualify for the self-assessment process. Fees paid are non-refundable once the learners are eligible for the assessment process.
  1. Appeal Fee – Processing fees of RM 300.00 per subject will be incurred for the work involved in the appeal of the assessment result. Fees paid are non-refundable.

The Application Process of APEL (C)

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