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Affiliates and partners are among our valued stakeholders. To achieve our mission, collaboration is one of the strategies we go for. Affiliates and partners can be from other academic institutions or industrial partners that work closely with us by sharing industrial input or directly involve in future graduates training and development.

Collaboration Among Academic Institutions

MOU between Griffin College and University of Geomatika Malaysia | Geomatika
MOU geomatika
MOU Between Geomatika and tadika Manja Pintar

Collaboration Among Industry Players

Collaboration & Partnership Invitation

We welcome any form of win-win collaboration especially those which will benefit our students. If you are interested in collaborating with University of Geomatika Malaysia (UGM) in the form of:

  • University Industrial Business Link
  • Cooperation Institution
  • Foundations and educational scholarships
  • Partnership – a joint business

UGM is very open for collaborations that can positively impact the development of our students. Skilled future graduates are born when given the exposure and training that collaborations may offer.

Letter of Intention

To discuss collaboration or partnership with us, please fill up the Letter of Intention below.