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Asia Youth International Model United Nations 2019

A Model United Nations is a diplomatic simulation where delegates of ages 17 to 25 years are chosen from various countries and assigned to another country to play the role as diplomat. The chosen delegates should express their countries beliefs in committee with specific topic in order to pass favorable resolutions. Delegates should show their skills in negotiating, public speaking, position paper and resolution writing and diplomacy. The approved resolutions will be taken into consideration to be passed to either an organization, government officials or social project.

For the A.Y.I.M.U.N of 2019, there were more than 39,000 applicants but only 1,500 delegates of 79 countries were chosen to attend. The application process was to write three essays about myself, why I want to join and how it can help me and my community. After I passed my details and background with my essays, I had to wait 3 days for an acceptance letter whether I was accepted or not and I was there was the registration fee of 299USD for non-accommodation. As soon as I got the letter, I posted to my Facebook page to look for sponsors and luckily an American family out of their kind heart paid for my registration. We are the given our country allocation with my committee topic to start doing our position paper with thesis-like format was due a month before event.

During the first day event which was 25th August, we registered ourselves and received a toolkit which is a bag, notebook and basic stationaries. The opening ceremony then started with our speakers, Charles Mohan, the CEO and Founder of Institute Onn Jaafar and Frederika Alexis Cull, Miss Universe Indonesia 2019. They discussed about the topic of refugees and the importance of citizenship.

The meeting session started on the second day where we started with the general speaking list. The chairs the chose specific delegates to talk and give their opinions. I was assigned to the country of Laos and the topic “Threats To Women’s And Children Human Security During Times Of War” from the councils of UN-WOMEN. I listened to their opinions and raised my country’s placard to give my opinion. I gave a speech and debated the importance of banned for private and non-governmental production and merchandising of arms as I didn’t hear and think of other delegates discussing that topics. I managed to form a bloc, a group of other countries agreeing to my topics and it was then passed for our resolution. This was continued until the third day and at the end of 7 meetings the solution I proposed was put on our final resolution paper and was cited pass by 90% of country representatives.

Then, we prepared for the closing ceremony where the delegates wore their traditional attire. It was great meeting people from around the world and making friend but the most satisfying feeling is knowing that what I fought for was in a right place and able to give that idea to start changing the world for better.

Double congratulations to Ms Pearl Hasleigh Taunan (International student from Philippines), our student from Faculty Architecture & Environmental Design that have been selected in 2 big events of United Nations.

The first event is the IMU X UN on 18th-20th October 2019 where she will be the delegate in Crisis Committee talking about The Drug Abuse Crisis. Ms Pearl also selected as participant of Asia Youth International Model United Nation that will be held from 22nd – 25th February 2020.

We are definitely proud of you and wishing you the best of luck.

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