Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ghassan Saleh Hussein

Dr Ghassan is a senior lecturer in Faculty of Computing and Innovative Technology (FACIT) and founder of Center of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Applications (CETIA) whose work is to provide a wide range of trainings and research in Emerging Technologies for participants from government and private sectors from various industries.

CETIA has organized its 1st International Conference on Emerging Technology & Innovative Applications (ICETIA, 2019) in October, 2019. This conference is the inaugural event on Emerging Technology & Innovative Applications that provide platform to activate discussion and exchange ideas, opportunities and information sharing among researchers from various backgrounds.

“Through this CETIA, we can encourage interaction from students from outside to register here, build contacts and networking with other researchers and also with public and private universities”, said Dr Ghassan.

Computer Science field always look for new teaching and knowledge update based on Emerging Technology.

“We also build connection between academic and industrial field as we invite many experienced industry experts to present their paper and publications. We have provided 4 months of internship for our computer science students to work here”, he added.
Key areas and services that CETIA focuses are technology, Research Innovative Commercialization (RIC), events, consultation and industrial. His research interests for CETIA are data mining and knowledge discovery, data structure, data analysis, object oriented programming, artificial intelligence, time series, pattern detection, machine learning and climate informatics.

For him, the key to success is having the wisdom and plan and strategy to do the best in his work. Multitasking and task scheduling is important to complete a task. He drew his inspiration from the famous Steve Jobs who encourage his passion and love to think beyond the box. He loves his brain and uniqueness.

Dr Ghassan loves to spend his leisure time with children by watching cartoons.

He also someone who loves to cook because cooking is one essential skill for every individual. It teaches you to be independent.
He welcomes students to study in here Geomatika as computer science that offers modern updated subjects and implementing most updated technologies. He do apply modern sources in teaching.
He loves to watch Science fiction movies and modern technologies stories that are related to Disruptive Innovative and Emerging Technologies. He is hoping for Applied emerging technologies in our community in different domains that are useful for creating contributions and find problem solutions.

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