Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Su Emi Yusnita

Dr Wan Su is the dean of Faculty of Computing and Innovative Technology (FACIT) loves to learn and explore new things. She enjoys working in Geomatika because she learns new things regularly.

She has worked as lecturer in Cybernetics for 7 years and then continued her studies in the year of 2009. She chose to study in Master of Education and technology for the reason of anticipated into teaching field. She started to work in Malvern International Academics as the Head of Department (HOD) for exam unit.

“My heart goes for teaching and I like two (2) ways of communication. In the same time, I don’t find bored working here in academic field because I learn new things every day and also deal with students affairs. We don’t have to do routine work”, she said who is so passionate about her profession.

“I am very thankful to work here in Geomatika because here in GUC top management doesn’t cease staffs potentials, talent and creativity.

They appreciate and celebrate their staffs in any situation. If you are doing well, they will celebrate you. They allow you to explore but you need to take care of GUC name”, she said when asking about experience of working in GUC.

“To be successful, we have to decide who you wanted to become in life. From there, we will get some kind of spirit to enhance our career. You will need to enhance your academic skills if you wanted to enter academic field. We must find motivation to improve ourselves”, she added. She has created database for one of the institution she worked previously. The database was very helpful to ease the exam department’s work and is very productive.

“My principle is life must go on. Don’t give up.

We always have to find solution to solve the issue instead of thinking and worrying about it. We have to find what the causes for problems are. Blaming each other is wrong”, she said. Leaving others with empty stomach is what she dislikes. She is very concern about others wellbeing, so they work well for us. Wisdom is important to tackle some matters in academic profession because this field requires human skills and communication skills.

Her future plans for faculty is to upgrade the faculty’s culture and maintain good relationship with the students so both students and staff are happy. Good teamwork is helping each other without any expectations. She also hopes to enhance culture, quality of programs and students’ progress.

“Students who are passive can come forward and say the bonding with lecturers is good now than before. Meaning that, I have managed to enhance the culture here successfully ever since I joined here. We have great and committed lecturers here, so all that we wanted is to produce quality students. These students will reflect back image of faculty and the produce good work in the end”, she explained.

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