Assoc. Prof. Mohd Firdaus Md Alip

Prof Mohd Firdaus is working as the Dean in Faculty of Geospatial & Real Estate (FAGEO) for 5 years and more. Born and bred in Johor, he has worked as assistant land surveyor previously before come into lecturing. He also worked for certain projects as such for Iskandar region development authority project. The key responsibilities that Prof Firdaus carries in the faculty are management, accreditation, teaching, supervising and many others too.

Prof Firdaus, a person with empty experience in the field of Geospatial & real estate in the beginning later finds his passion and interest in Geomatics science.

“The best thing about working in Geomatika would it’s a good environment and I learn load of things especially in terms managing the faculty, managing the students as well as managing all the accreditation programmes under MQA.

I have been overseeing 7 programmes for full accreditation status. So fast all the programmes in faculty of geospatial real estate have obtain full accreditation status”, he said. He also states full accreditation status is essential because it will attract local and international students to choose Geomatika for studies. The uniqueness of the faculty is they are running programmes from skills to phd level that occupy near 200 students.

Personality the matter most

Prof Firdaus is always exemplified as a good leader and team member. He works with all level management to enhance his knowledge and other skills. He is actively involved in community activities due to his highly voluntarily spirit to help the communities. In Geomatika, he is not just engaging into teaching and learning job but in other department activities like marketing and students recruitment.

Challenges as opportunities to grow

Talking from his experience, bringing students for postgraduate enrollment is very challenging because scholarships are not provided for local students who furthering studies to postgrad level in private institute. Most of the students are not affordable to pay high cost fees.

“Geomatika is niche place for students to study. We have great lecturers, 100% job guarantee, and good conduciveness to study, new technologies and high quality instruments that you can’t even find in most of established public universities”, he told when answering on why students need to choose Geomatika.

“My students can have a good job. They can excel in this field well. We are doing training and workshop with students”, he mentioned. He also told that he planned to train students on using drone and many other plans to go for students in coming year.

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