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Bachelor Cybersecurity – AIoT Brings Life To Things

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ghassan Saleh ALDharhani

AIoT shorts for AI + IoT means gathering the Internet of Things (IoT) technology which accomplishes decision making with the aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration. The simulation of human intelligence processes through computers or machines, learning, problem-solving, and decision-making capacities of the human mind is AI.  The Internet mostly connects people through their computers, exchanging information, shared knowledge, ideas, news, and even goods. This exchange is limited to the kinds of data that can be produced by humans. There are huge amounts of data (big data) that cannot be captured by humans, but can still be essential for advancing the standard of our life. For example, it is necessary to learn about the status of our environment to infer valuable information and make wise decisions, which may in turn lead to change that status, improve the quality of our health or the productivity of our equipment, and can be used in several areas such as education, healthcare, security and smart cities.

Humans are not good at tracking that kind of data, let alone modifying it. However, computers or smart machines or intelligent things are fantastic at that. We need smart machines that cannot get bored, can connect to all categories of environments, including our bodies, things and equipment, can communicate those data with us and with each other around them. In reality, current technology can give us very smart machines, with tiny processors, transmitters, sensors and actuators with the aid of AI technology that can meet the requirements above. These smart machines or devices can be linked to something, connected to something else, and ultimately to the global Internet, forming the idea of the IoT.

Recently, the Artificial Internet of Things helps to connect IoT devices to embedded sensors (AIoT) which is the brain to manage the central nervous system of AIoT, make better business decisions, provide smart decision-making, involve software code created by programmers to execute such tasks of AIoT, where the next logical phase in the Internet of Things with AI is mainly designed to function independently without human support to become more successful and reduce human error efficiently and effectively. AIoT application trends include several primary innovations that in the next decade will have a great impact on human society: wearables devices, smart home, smart city, smart industry, cloud data and analysis, big data, embedded systems and sensors, 5G and AIoT.

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