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BBA – Want to do Part Time Job alongside Your Study?

Well, this is a great decision if you want to fund your study, bills and living expenses on your own. In addition to this, you learn professionalism and service skills even before your first job. Being a student, you should look for the job which can go well with your study schedule and other commitments as well.

And not all jobs will give you such benefits. Many part-time jobs require you to work more than their mentioned hours. Moreover, you may have to commute too far which simply waste your time. Remember, there is no benefit of doing such jobs that don’t save you significant time and energy for study. You need the job that balances your study and work.

Here, I have rounded up part-time jobs that not only save you plenty of time but also pay you well.


Home Tutor: Home tutoring job makes to top of this list for many reasons. First and foremost, it can be done at the comfort of home. It means you don’t need to commute to do work. Secondly, you can earn higher wages than most of the part-time jobs in Malaysia.

Direct Sales: If your convincing skills are good, marketing is definitely your thing. Many businesses look for an online salesperson to sell their products on e-commerce platforms like e-bay. You get a commission from each sale. More sales will get you more income.

Event Staff: If you are looking for a weekend job, then working as an event staff can be a right choice for you. Generally, an event management requires manpower for supervision, logistics, security, booths, ushering in guests and other jobs. Luckily, you don’t need experience or skills for most of those jobs.

Having a job while studying can be a great way to keep the money coming in. Striking the balance can be tricky, and isn’t for everyone. Geomatika University College offers part-time and online programme, so you can get a degree at the same time while working. You can visit list of courses offered by Geomatika UC.