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Biotechnology Career At A Glance

Biotechnology is responsible for many of the things that enhance the quality of life. The field emphasizes on the intersection and integration of biology and technology, creating various new products that are designed to enrich lives, make day-to-day live easier and improve health. Hence, the biotechnology industry in Malaysia and worldwide hold much promises for wealth generation and the improvement of societal well-being. As the local biotechnology industry grows and large multinational biotechnology companies set up operations in Malaysia, career opportunities in biotechnology and supporting industries are expected to balloon up in the coming years. This guide focuses on the various jobs and expectations for those who are interested in this field.

Agricultural Engineer

Many biotechnology graduates do not think of sophisticated farming activity. The most common misconception in farming is that it only focus on planted seeds, watered crops and harvested food. But it is an extraordinarily advanced field where the large farm can turn out to become food factories. Agricultural engineer is involved in the research and development area and manufacturing. They might oversee water supply and usage, create advance comfortable animal ranches and design machine that is able to maximize yield harvest with minimal food lost. Interestingly, agricultural engineers excitedly spend their time in both of the workspace: in the office designing the system and on the farm testing and applying the designated system.


Microbiologist performs research on anything that is too small to be observe with naked eye such as bacteria, fungus, algae and parasite. In real situation, this field is highly specialized meaning that one microbiologist has a focus on researching and studying only one type of microorganism. In the context of biotechnology industry, microbiologist might involves in the manufacturing sites in order to ensure that products are not contaminated by microorganisms. Microbiologist is also considered as central player for research and development of the products. In addition, the advanced biotechnology industry requires microbiologist to practice the application of microorganisms in a more sophisticated technology for example the use of microorganism to decontaminate area that is polluted with heavy metal and the utilization of microorganism to improve crop growth and yield.

Food Scientist and Technologist

Food scientists and technologist is an expert that is focusing on the nutrition value of food. Food scientists and technologist use knowledge gained from biotechnology course to develop and create new food products and proper methods to process and preserve food, making sure that the food is safe and healthy for public consumption. In addition, food scientist and technologist is dealing with the modification of food by genetic modification, designing healthy and nutritious additives and creating sophisticated processing techniques with the aim to improve the consumer health.

Soil and Plant Scientist

Soil and plant scientist is usually required by companies to improve the quality of food at ground level. Soil and plant scientist has advanced knowledge in environmental biotechnology and plant biotechnology which allow the maximum use of land and designing improved plant seed in order to obtain higher food production. In general, the rapid utilization of land change the composition of soil which later results in the soil mineral composition depletion. Interestingly, soil and plant scientist has the skills to balance the short term food production with long term soil health.

Animal Scientist

Farm animals can be crossed to produce better quality meat, milk and egg with enhanced nutrition value. In addition, domesticated animals can also be bred to live longer and healthier as well as preventing the infection of pandemic disease. This is the responsibility of animal scientist to use knowledge gained from biotechnology course to effectively crossbreed animal in order to produce meat, milk and egg with improved nutrient quality.

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