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Blockchain Will Spur Economic’s Future

By March 13, 2019January 31st, 2020No Comments

Blockchain Academy Asia (BAA) had chosen Geomatika University College (GUC) to develop a module of study in blockchain together. The reason why GUC was chosen by BAA is because GUC is one of the flexible and aggressive private institute of study in diversifying the product of study. During the seminar about blockchain, GUC’s students and staff shows a lot of interest in blockchain’s talk.Therefore, it is the right decision to cooperate together.

According to Mr.Fazliq Irfan, crypto forensic expert, blockchain was one of the database which lead to a revolution of transferring something that valueable from cyberspace. The purpose was to let other people know that blockchain is a reliable and functional system that works as intellectual property.

Recently, the new finance minister has issued a specification of security permission. The government has legally allow the blockchain to produce product in advancement technology. Moreover, if Malaysia was the first asian country that recognize the exchanger, Malaysia will get a way to accept fiyadh currency conversion to all crypto in about 100 billion USD.

By doing this, everyone will buy Malaysia’s money before entering the crypto. Thus, it can strengthening our currency economy. Mr. Effendy Zulkifli as the Ceo of Blockchain Academy Asia, has brought in many industry players from Dubai and U.S to cooperate in reveal the link blockchain and internet of thing. “Blockchain is the safest because there is protocol and procedure in changing or adding data because it has to get the permission from distributed ledger validation”, said Mr.Fazliq.

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