The Board of Governors (BOG) is responsible for governing, making policies, and monitoring the body of the University, including to:

  • determine the educational character and mission of the University and oversight of its activities
  • promote efficient and effective management
  • provide overall review of University operations
  • develop links with the community and all stakeholders
  • foster global connection and internationalisation

Geomatika University College chooses its BOG members based on the requirement provided in the University Constitution with a mixture of background from academicians and entrepreneurs to ensure a balanced input for decision making.

Members of BOG

Prof. Sr. Dr. Mohaizi is the President and founder of Geomatika Group of Companies. He started off his career as a Land Surveyor in JUPEM in 1979. Throughout his career in JUPEM, he has served as Survey Director in a few states and his last position was the Deputy Director General.

With his 20 years of experience serving for the Malaysian Government, he has accumulated vast experience in the field of Land Survey, GIS, GPS, Geomatic, Soft System, Business Process Reengineering, and ISP as well as in making organisations more profitable, dynamic and visionary. He led the Department of Survey and Mapping under a few restructuring exercises to be more competitive in the market place. An entrepreneur for over 20 years, Prof. Mohaizi is the master of change and innovation in the workplace and shared his expertise through consulting services for his clients.

Pn Nazirah has been working with Geomatika since 2003, right after her university graduation. She started off with a humble beginning as a TVET lecturer and later joined administrative post as an executive. She has served in almost all departments in Geomatika starting from marketing, student affairs, academic affairs, and corporate services, and she is currently the Deputy President for Geomatika Education Group.

Throughout her career path with Geomatika, she has led the upgrading and application process from Geomatika College to University College with MOHE, monitored various accreditation sessions for academic programs, and negotiated for financial supports and grants. She was chosen as top 10 women entrepreneurs (from 50 winners of E50 Awards) to join SMECorp training to Oxford University in 2014 and 7 months Talent Development Program (TDP) for C-Suites with Linkage Asia. Her input will help the BOG on MOHE-related processes and procedures and will build up organisation structures.

Academic Advisors - Geomatika

Mr Mazrin Rohizaq has been in the education industry for more than 13 years. Upon graduation, he started his career as Quality Engineer in Inokom Berhad and later held various positions in Higher Education Institutions including OUM, I-System (Penang), Madinah International Islamic University, UiTM Shah Alam, and Geomatika University College.

He leads the Business Development and students’ recruitment division in Geomatika University College. His expertise and experience are the input and insight of the latest demand from the prospective clients and the latest higher education landscape.

Datuk Yaacob Wan Ibrahim graduated from the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur in 1971 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economic and Malay Studies. He began his career as a regular teacher in SMK Tengku Intan Zaharah, Dungun and has since been in the educational field for over 32 years.

Among the strategic divisions and departments that he served in while in Ministry of Education were Teacher Education Division, Educational Planning and Research Division, Schools Division, Education Technology Division, Private Education Department, and Kuala Lumpur Education Department of the Federal Territory. He is currently attached to the Tan Chong Education Services Sdn. Bhd. as Education Advisor on part-time contract basis. In 1990, he was awarded Masters of Education (Administration, Planning, and Social Policy) from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

Prof. Dr Ariff Kassim holds a PhD of Education (Human Resource Development) from Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, USA, awarded in 1995 and Masters in Arts from University of Michigan Ann Arbor, USA, awarded in 1988. He had served as the Assistant Director, Educational Planning and Research Division from 1981 to 1995 and was later an officer at the Ministry of Education from 1997 to 2001.

He devoted his time to design policies and guidelines for program’s credit hours for many institutions such as Help Institute, Taylor’s College, Lim Kok Wing College of Creative, PTPL College, INTI College and few others.

Academic Advisors - Geomatika

Mr. Maminul graduated from International Islamic University, Malaysia and later furthered his studies to obtain the Masters in Law. He has been actively involved in entrepreneurship activities and presently leads the International Students Recruitment division in Geomatika University College.

Under his lead, Geomatika University College has won the Best International Students Office’s award by MOHE in 2015. His insight will help the BOG to attain the global perspective on international students demand for the purpose of our global strategic planning.