Budimas Education Charity Funds

  • The fund started in 2011
  • Constructed 1st library in the Orang Asli settlement of Kampung Bukit Kepong, Port Dickson
  • Began operating in February 2015
  • 4000 books are stored in the library for the villagers and Orang Asli children to use
  • Benefited 75 children and over 500 villagers from the neighboring villages as well

Scholarship Policy and Procedure For Non Sponsored Home Students

    The purpose of the The Budimas Charitable Foundation Scholarship Program is to position financial support in a way that complements one strategic direction of the Foundation:
     To encourage the participation of students from targeted equity backgrounds in higher education by providing them with financial assistance.
    This policy ensures that the management of The Budimas Charitable Foundation Scholarship Program is consistent with the foundation’s values. It defines that “The Budimas Charitable Foundation” is responsible for the management of scholarships and identifies streamlined processes involved in the development, awarding and administration of scholarships.
    This Scholarship Program aims to have clear and transparent processes which are responsive and targeted toward student’s success.
    This Student Scholarships Policy and Procedure applies to course related matters of the Colleges & Universities.
    The Budimas Charitable Foundation Scholarship Program ensures that the Scholarship Program has clear and transparent guidelines based on:
     Assisting as many deserving and financially disadvantaged students as possible, based on sound equity principles;
     Analysis of student feedback to continuously improve scholarship process and offerings;
     Consultation with Principal Officer to develop scholarship opportunities in key program areas, regions, student cohorts and other growth areas.
    In order for the procedures to be executed effectively, it is imperative that The Budimas Charitable Foundation establish scholarship processes that are consistent with this Student Scholarships Policy and Procedure document.
    For procedural consistency, Budimas will collaborate to seamlessly establish, select, award and pay scholarships and monitor student academic progress, where required.
     Scholarships will be established so that opening, closing and payment dates correlate with student needs and relevant key dates within the academic calendar.
     Limited to ONE enrolment (either Foundation / Diploma / Degree or Diploma & Degree package);
     Monthly allowance of RM 200.00 will only be decided after the interview is conducted and eligibility meets the requirements;
     Mainly for tuition fees only. Learning aids such as books, laptop, printer, stationary, and etcetera are not included;
     Accommodation will be provided during the scholarship programme (expect to those whose college or university is further than our hostel. Rental will be paid for the students – not more than RM400.00 per month);
     There will be no bond to this scholarship and the recipients are not required to repay the amount of scholarship awarded;
     Maximum cap for the scholarship is RM 30K for foundation / Diploma and RM 50K for degree. If the course exceeds the maximum cap, the student needs to find alternative financial Aid (PTPTN, EPF withdrawal).
     Open to all Malaysian Citizens who wish to pursue tertiary education;
     Age 18 years old or below 25;
     Applicants should possess good academic qualifications and should be active in school;
     Total monthly gross household income of RM4,000 and below;
  Foundation / Diploma Degree
Full Scholarship (Capped at RM30K/ RM50K) Minimum 5A’s in SPM & credit in other subjects – CGPA 3.5 & above in STPM – 3A’s in A-Level & credit in other subjects – CGPA 3.5 & above in Diploma / Foundation

 Forecast result is not acceptable for the scholarship program;
 Scholarship is not exchangeable for cash either in part or in full;
 Applicants cannot change or substitute courses from one course to another;
 Applicants must not be bonded or receiving any form of financial aid or award from other educational institutions or organisations;
 Applicants must enrol us for FULL TIME studies;
 Applicants must have good health and not suffering from critical illnesses such as hepatitis, AIDS, HIV and etcetera.

    1) The Budimas Charitable Foundation Application Form
    2) Applicants must enclose copies of the following documents:
    a. University/ College / Polytechnic acceptance letter (as soon as possible).
    b. SPM/ SPVM/ ‘O’ Level / UEC results or equivalent (Actual).
    c. STPM/ ‘A’ Level/ Matriculation / Foundation or equivalent (Actual).
    d. University / College / Polytechnic results (Actual).
    e. School testimonial’s and school leaving certificates.
    f. Identity Card.
    g. Passport size Photographs (2 pieces).
    3) Particular of all siblings must be provided irrespective of whether they are
    Contributing any income to the family. Applicants should ensure that particular of Parent(s) / Guardian and siblings are verified by submitting copies of the following documents:
    a. Parent’s / Guardian’s identity cards or death certificate, if deceased.
    b. Parent’s / Guardian’s Persons with Disability (OKU) card, if applicable.
    c. Parent’s / Guardian’s proof of income:
     Complete set of Income Tax Form B/ BE/ EC, EA form of the last 3 years; and
     Latest official 3 month’s salary slip;
     Other proof of income such as a letter from employer confirming their income. Letter from employer should be on the company’s letterhead and must have the employer’s full name and telephone number;
     Own business must get monthly income letter acknowledged by the Commissioner of Oaths (Borang B);
     Latest pension statement, if any;
     Other welfare financial aid from Perkeso (SOCSO), Baitumal, Association, etcetera;
    d. Parent’s / Guardian’s latest EPF statement, if any
    e. Identity Card / MyKID of siblings.
    f. Applicant’s household electricity bill for the last 2 months.
    g. If siblings are working, please submit:
     Complete set of Income Tax Form B / BE / EC or EA Form for the last 3 years; and
     Latest official 3 month’s salary slip or
     Verification letter from employer confirming the salary;
     Letter from employer should be on the company’s letterhead and must have the employer’s full name and telephone number;
     Own business get monthly income letter acknowledged by the Commissioner of Oaths;
    h. If siblings are pursuing higher education in Colleges / Universities / Institutions, please submit letter or documents to confirm that they are currently students of the Colleges / Universities / Institutions.

Note: If siblings are studying; please state level of education example: Standard 1, Form 6 etcetera and where they are studying in the Application Form.

4) The Application Form must be able to provide information on applicant’s family background when requested by the Foundation. The student should also be contactable by telephone during office hours. Please ensure that the telephone numbers given are valid and correct.
5) Please ensure that all documents and information requested are enclosed / stated. If it’s not complete please explain the reason and submit them within 1 week from the application date.
However, for applicants waiting for acceptance into university, the university acceptance letter must be submitted as soon as possible.
Please note that all documents submitted will not be returned to applicants regardless of the outcome of their applications.
Incomplete applications will be disqualified.
6) Only shortlisted candidates will be notified for interview. It is important for applicants to give their telephone contact to enable the Foundation to call them for interview if shortlisted.

    The scholarship selection process must be transparent and ethical. It should and follow the below process:
     Records on all decisions made throughout the selection process must be appropriately kept;
     The Budimas Charitable Foundation is responsible to conduct the first shortlisting of eligibility test;
     The Colleges / Universities or Institutions is responsible for notifying all applicants of the outcome of their scholarship application;
     It is compulsory for applicants to provide all the supporting documents in hardcopy and certified by the enrolled college or universities;
     Parents who are retired must get the retirement letter acknowledged by the Commissioner of Oaths / Tax release letter from LHDN.
     The Budimas Charitable Foundation is responsible for facilitating payment of scholarships to successful recipients within the relevant scholarship timelines. Payment will only be made to the respective Colleges or Universities;
     Students unable to continue his or her studies due to:
    – Personal / family issue (health), relocation and conviction of a criminal offence, drug abuse, caught being intoxicated with liquor or other substances or breaking of any laws;
     Fail to achieve a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.20 to 2.50 in any semester;
     Students are required to attend all the lectures and academic activities scheduled by the college / university or fail to achieve minimum 80% of attendance as required;
     Fail to maintain conduct which is consistent with the rules and regulations specified by the college or university and is placed on probation; or
     Is in breach of any of the terms and conditions of The Budimas Charitable Foundation scholarship agreement.
     A Deposit RM 200.00 (refundable if there are no damages on the property);
     If there are any damages on the property, the cost will be deducted from the DEPOSIT.

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