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Calibrate University Geomatika Total Station 2023 at JUPEM Selangor

January 31, 2023.
Calibrate University Geomatika Malaysia (UGM) Total Station 2023 at JUPEM Selangor EDM Calibration Site.
In this modern survey, it is important to final accuracy with current expectations that fall below 10 mm. In addition, the measurement methods and measuring tools used need to be adjusted to meet those requirements, especially the total station as the most frequently used instrument in survey work.
At the same time, Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) as an important part of the Total Station works to determine the length between two points using the phase change that occurs when electromagnetic energy waves travel from one point to the other.
This report aims to show the EDM calibration procedure according to DSMM practice to ensure whether the instrument is in good condition or not based on the maximum limit of constant error.
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