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Career Paths In Tourism & Hospitality

By November 1, 2018January 31st, 2020No Comments

Careers in tourism and hospitality industry are exciting, challenging and varied. If you like to travel while working, meet new people from around the world, learn different languages and cultures, these are some of the options of tourism career you can venture!

Hotel / Resort

Work as a managerial staffs in front and back of the house such as front office department, housekeeping department, human resource department, accounts and financial department, marketing and sales department. Whether you are a concierge in a hotel, or a kitchen helper working behind the back of the house, or even if you are involved in the management of a hospitality business, every time you come into work you are making someone’s day that little bit better. Your business is all about people. It is not about widgets or spreadsheets, it’s about making people happy!

Restaurant / Catering / Eateries

The food industry is rapidly growth in this era! There are also career path in food and beverages industry such as Restaurant staff, Chefs, Bar staffs, Concierge, Kitchen assistant, Customer Service staffs, and Banquet staffs. If you like to travel while pursuing your interest as services staff, you can also work in a luxury cruise ship, airlines and and overseas hotel and restaurant!

Travel agency / Tour guide

If you like to learn new language, exploring the culture, history, society and unique features of the places, you can be a tour guide whether working as freelance or representing your travel agency company. According to tour guide experiences, being a tour guide can earn a lots of money too!

Events manager

The other top list of working in tourism and hospitality industry is being a events manager. Events manager responsible for events coordination activities such as conferences, exhibition, wedding, birthday, anniversaries, charity events, annual dinners, trade shows and business meetings. To work in a team and manage the events to be successful can be very rewarding!

Passenger services crew

Careers in passenger services are another important part of the tourism industry. Air cabin crews and customer service staff on airlines, trains, cruise ships and coaches are essential for helping people’s trips be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Being a passenger crew/ attendant also can open your opportunities to brings you to new destination in the whole world. You will meet new people everyday from different backgrounds and cultures. The salary you earn from this job also is worth an effort!

Travel Writer / Blogger

If you love to travel while writing a review or articles, than you can be a travel writer for tourism boards, tourism magazines company, or tourism TV channel and ads. What travel writer do is they travel and they write. While going places and writing reviews about each destination is how the job of a travel writer is described. It can be really exciting as you get paid to travel!

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