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Career Pathway for Diploma Programmes

In any professional, a career path begins at the point of entry into practice, is built upon the student’s prior experience, education, and is influenced by numerous external and internal components. Attainment of a diploma program may accelerate a career path but it as well accompanied by development of unique talents, student competency, and the ability to network with leaders in the profession. Understanding career path as a synergy of multiple personal and external influences is critical for all students who want an active role in shaping their career path. Information will be drawn from published literature, and the experiences of the authors. Following a career path paves the way for economic security throughout someone lifespan. Most people do not fall into their dream job by sheer luck. The path to a gratifying job with a good salary starts with matching your talents to college majors and technical programs of interest to you. Below are the lists of career path for three diploma programs under faculty – IQRA Business School of Geomatika University College.

Diploma in Office Management

In recent years, the request for office management career has been on the rise, with large businesses needing a highly skilled individual to take care of the productivity and day-to-day duties of the office. This career path requires an individual with great attention to detail, organizational skills and most importantly, a personable character that will make anyone feel welcome. An office management career normally includes:

• Personal assistant
• Office secretary
• Administrative Office Assistant
• Human Resource Assistant
• Supervisor
• Entrepreneur

The duties are vary extensively but they are mainly in charge of organizing and supervising the work related to office activities such as organizing and maintaining the company calendars, which will involve the scheduling of meetings for executive-level employees, as well as calendar events for the entire office, arranging and managing correspondence in and out of the office, including mail and important packages, coordinating transport and accommodation arrangements for business executives for any work-related trips, maintaining the stock of stationery and furnishing of the office as well as preparing presentations or letters for managers and executives within the company.

Diploma in Business Administration

A student of Diploma in Business Administration may explore a number of career options including owning and operating their own business, managing a business, working with commercial or industrial firms, or with service companies and government agencies. Today’s companies are looking for employees with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Critical-thinking skills, good decision-making capabilities and strong leadership skills are also required. Graduates who have focused on marketing have chosen careers in consumer goods and service industries, as well as industrial goods and services and in government. Typical occupations for student with Diploma in Business Administration include:

• Product manager
• Sales representative
• Retail merchandiser
• account manager
• Advertising and public relations representative
• Marketing researcher/specialists
• Small business owner

A business administration major provides students with a general background in subjects including accounting, finance, marketing, human resources management, international business, and management. Students of Diploma in Business Administration have a wide range of career after finishing their studies.

Diploma in Accounting

Accounting is a field that will always be in demand and it is a field that you can continue to grow and move up inside your company. There are so many different positions you can find in the accounting field. Careers in accounting can range from entry level positions to executive level. Chose the accounting career you are most interested in, learn what it entails, what education you may need and the salary you can potentially earn. The most common career for student with a Diploma of Accounting includes:

• Accounting Assistant
• Accounting Clerk
• Accounts Payable Clerk
• Accounts Receivable Clerk
• Budget Analyst
• Certified Internal Auditor

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