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Centre for Professional Education & Lifelong Learning (GUC-PROLEARN)


ProLearn is an education and training centre that aims at providing quality education and training accessible to a wider scope of audience. It offers high quality short courses and training programmes for upskilling, reskilling and professional development of the working adults. The programmes offered are non- MQA Programmes.

ProLearn programmes and courses are designed and delivered in collaboration with academics from the University, professional bodies as well as through industry experts. They are specially customised to meet the continuing professional development needs of the business, industry & individual.

Structure Of Executive Programme

Programme Structure Professional Enhancement Certificate Professional Diploma Executive Degree Executive Master
Duration 1 – 5 Days 6 – 9 Months 12 – 18 Months 9 – 12 Months

The above certificate programmes are targeted to working adults to up-skill and improve their opportunity for career advancement.

List Of Executive Development Programmes



Dato Seri Alex



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