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Skill Code


Course Fees

RM 6688

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Mode

Face to Face

Beauty Sculpture(BODY) is a subject of body bone alignment. Without third party, all this alignment will only adjust by hand and easy learn technique. In this society, most people have different kind of body pain and different kind of body size. One of the reason is because they have incorrect posture for a long time which make the bone position goes wrong and effect the body shape look plumper and also cause different kind of pain such as shoulder pain, back pain and etc.
Posture is basically the position we hold our bodies in while standing, seating and even when lying down. A good posture ensures that our entire body is symmetrically aligned and the muscle tension is just about right. It is important to feed your body properly and allow your body to adjust to proper nutrition. And maintaining a good posture ought to be fairly easy. In this 2 days program, you will learn about analysis of wrong posture and also method to align pelvic, waist, ribs, shoulder, back, and leg. We will provide easy learning method to help you learn faster and whole process is in safe and painless way.
By the end of the day, you are able to:

  • slim down waist
  • slim down buttock
  • better body alignment
  • reduce pain ness
  • relax a body
  • maintain a good posture
  • start your own business

Correct body posture play an important part in a person’s health,mentally and also stunning appearance. This course is a must take course if you love yourself, your family member and society.

  • Structure Of Body
  • Analysis Of Proper Body Alignment
  • Technique Of Body Restructure
  • Pelvic Adjustment
  • Waist Sliming
  • Hump Back Adjustment
  • Beautician, Basic Massage Skill Knowledge or Not
  • Can start your own business immediate after learning
  • Can be a teacher
  • Can own a shop

Joint Deliver Programme by GUC-PROLEARN &
MASDEA Authorize Academy : MAKE STUDIOS
Whatsapp / Call :0139088665 (MONICS AW)