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Course Fees

RM 1800

Course Duration

4 Months

Course Mode

Mix Mode

This 4-month, non-MQA programme has been developed exclusively for SME, Company & Corporation leader to deliver insights and equip them with management knowledge in Corporate Strategy Planning. It is co-delivered by our SKM Certified and experience coach.

This course does not only provide the most crucial knowledge & skill, most importantly, individuals will be trained on how to act and manage as an excellent department head, group leader and trainer issues. Beyond that, one will also get an opportunity to be part of an integral share of a global business revolution and career building, allowing more people to own their happy life, happy family with healthy wealth. Regardless of your career and profession, strategy planning is a must-study subject in the global community that we live in today for personal and business development and meaningful and handling sadnesses.

  • Concept Of Strategy Planning
  • Flow Of Strategy Planning
  • Knowledge and Skill In Strategy Planning

SPM or equivalent or above

  • Be Company Leader, Team Coach, Department Head Or Trainner
  • RR Captech Advisory Group
  • Nirvana Group
  • Clement & Associates

Joint Deliver Programme by GUC-PROLEARN & MASDEA Authorize Academy : TOTAL QUALIFY LIFE PLANNER
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