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RM 688

Course Duration

1 Day

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Mix Mode

This non MQA program design exclusively for all working professional or after spm student to learn how to publicity themself to get social attention.

Branding is not just for business anymore. Personal branding is becoming increasingly critical in a highly competitive workplace. A successful career has three ingredients: who you know, what you know and more importantly who knows you. When we are able to effectively design a personal brand, we can build our brand equity and leverage the same strategies that make celebrities and corporate brands appeal to their audience. Through discovering our strengths, competencies and value, we build our self-confidence to project a more polished and professional personal in our interactions.

  • Personal style on : Hair, Eyebrow, Eyelash, Fashion & Skin management
  • Body contour for better looking
  • Professional manners and instrument training
  • Programne are covering to develop new you from
    • What is my current role?
    • What kind of personality I am ?
    • What I want others to think of me ?
    • Determine what your position ?
    • Define your audience ?
  • SPM or equivalent or above
  • Internship RM 600 basic
  • Arrange interview at related industry

Joint Deliver Programme by GUC-PROLEARN &
MASDEA Authorize Academy : Asia Trade Coalition Ltd
Whatsapp / Call : 0122483688 (Mr Beh )