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Course Fees

RM 1800

Course Duration

3 Days

Course Mode

Mix Mode

This 3 days Enhancement Certificate will help you Develop the right tutoring skills and student progress manegement in teaching Bahasa Melayu. Online learning has already become a worldwide movement, we will teach students how to adapt to the current and future teaching reality with the latest technologies. You will learn how to Design Engaging Online Teaching Materials, how to Choose available free online resources to create all teaching and marketing materials. After learning the skills, we will teach you how to Manage the practicalities. You will also learn how to Plan for the most effective monitoring of student progress, and how to develop your students Positivity, Adaptability and Creativity, so that they will progress at a fast pace and maintain interest in their study in Bahasa Melayu. We will also teach you the crucial knowledge of how to look for students online, and how to monitor and run your online tutoring business successfully.

  • Develop the right tutoring skills
  • Design Engaging Online Teaching Materials
  • Choose free online resources to create all marketing materials
  • Managing the practicalities
  • Planning for most effective monitoring of student progress
  • Develop Positivity, Adaptability and Creativity in students
  • Looking for students online
  • Running your Online tutoring business
  • SPM or equivalent
  • Passion to learn about How to Enhance your Bahasa Melayu tuition activities with latest online technology
  • Part time or full time as tutor or with other working experience, wanted to enhance in education
  • Students who have completed this course will be qualified to proceed to diploma in master tutor in Bahasa Melayu and building a successful e-tutoring business, or students will be equipped with the professional certificate and related knowledge in starting their own e-tutoring of their own or with other platforms

Joint Deliver Programme by GUC-PROLEARN &
MASDEA Authorize Academy: Ti Sync Academy
Whatsapp / Call : 019 3693728 (Rosa Lui)