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Course Fees

RM 1800

Course Duration

3 Days

Course Mode

Mix Mode

This 3days, non-MQA programme has been developed specially for ladies (with flexible time, change of profession, single mothers & for those wanting an extra income) professionals to deliver suitable technique and equip them with industrial knowledge in Body Anatomy & understanding about Pre & Post body condition after delivery. It is co-delivered by our partner institution Masdea.

This course does not only provide the most Do’s & Don’t healthcare knowledge, most importantly, individuals will be trained on how to use the right technique to massage Postnatal mummies with a suitable technique and treating according to their physical condition. Beyond that, one will also get an opportunity to relate as a reliable person to be a consultant regarding breastfeeding complication and other related matters. This is to prevent more mummies getting into Postpartum depression and have an understanding upon healing with positive recovery and regain good health. Regardless of your career and profession, healthcare and importance of ensuring bringing mummies physically back to Pre Pregnancy condition is a must-study subject in the global community that we live in today.

Postnatal Therapeutic Massage Course Iternary:

��Day 1 – Theory (2pm – 6pm)
Introduction of Postnatal massage
Do’s and Don’t
Importance of Postnatal Massage
Identifying Postpartum Depression
Postpartum Physiology
Body Anatomy (Tummy)
Understanding how Breast functions
Breastfeeding knowledge
Why tummy binder (bekung) is important
Herbs for massage knowledge

��Day 2 – Practical (9am – 6pm)
9am – 10am – Setting up massage area – Upper Body massage
9.30 – 11am – Lower Back & Legs
11 – 11.15am – Hands
11.15 – 12pm – Breast & Tummy massage
12pm – 1pm – Lunch Break
1pm – 3pm – Practising on the massage Steps
3pm – 3.15 – Short break
3.15 – 4pm – Ways of tying bekung & Breast Massage
4pm- 5.00 – Customer Service Skills
5.00 – 6.00 – Recap, Q & A

�� Day 3 – Practical (9am – 6pm)
9am – 12pm – Practising on the full Body massage
12pm – 1pm – Lunch

1pm – 12pm – Frontal (Hands, Breast & Tummy)
12pm – 1pm – Lunch Break
1pm. – 2pm – Herbal Knowledge 3pm – Postpartum Physiology
3pm – 3.15 – Short break
3.15 – 3.45 – Identifying Postpartum Depression
3.45 – 4.00 – Customer Service Skills
5.00 – 6.00 – Recap, Q & A

  • Primary level/ 3 months working experience
  • Job placement (Postnatal Massage Therapy)

Joint Deliver Programme by GUC-PROLEARN &;
MASDEA Authorize Academy : Caredemy Training SDN BHD.
Whatsapp / Call : 011-35998687 (Tan Yunn Jin)