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Closing Day of the Young Soldier Basic Course

Closing Day of the Young Soldier Basic Course | Geomatika

June 7, 2024: Closing Day of the Young Soldier Basic Course

Gunung Nuang, Hulu Langat, Selangor — Today, the 515 Territorial Soldier Regiment celebrated the end of the Young Soldier Basic Course with a special ceremony at Gunung Nuang. This national program, which aims to teach discipline and teamwork, had many students from the University of Geomatika Malaysia taking part.

Gunung Nuang, with its beautiful scenery, was the perfect place to finish weeks of hard training. The course is known for being tough, helping young people learn important military skills and build strong character.

During the course, students learned many things like physical fitness, survival skills, and tactical exercises. They also focused on mental strength and strategic thinking, which are important for any soldier.

The closing ceremony included a parade where the young soldiers showed off their new skills. There was also a medal presentation to celebrate their hard work. The event had cultural performances that highlighted Malaysia’s rich heritage, reminding everyone of the program’s goal to build national pride.

As the ceremony ended, the participants took home not just certificates and medals, but also lasting memories and a renewed commitment to serve their country. This program’s success shows how important it is to train the next generation of responsible and capable citizens.