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Crucial Customer Service Competencies for Successful Spa-Preneurs

By December 18, 2018January 31st, 2020No Comments

It is the heart for every hospitality sector to have a big focus in customer service. When it comes to spas, a crucial concern is more needed or else please forget to open one. The reason why is because spas are dealing with people, who expect the best experience and customer service oriented in the world. So what the expectations? We are from Faculty of Hospitality and Lifestyles of Geomatika University College offered Bachelor (Hons) in Beauty Management and glad to share these tips for you to maintain a good feedback from your customers.

Handle with care
The main reason customers visited spas is to be pampered and seeking for relaxing moments. They look forward to be coddled. At this state, customers letting their natural defences and soul taken care by other people as they are both physically and emotionally fragile and vulnerable.

Exclusively remembered
They want people remembered their names, or even better with salutations. They will feel important, prioritized and perceived the posh sense. The princess fantasy imaginary creates momentous misgivings about the whole experience.

Living in a serenity palace
Customers mostly viewed spas as palaces with full of indulgence and serenity which cost them a very high bills for the services. Do they really care about the overhead to be bear by the spa operators to run the place? The answer is no. What they think is all about their money which spas should cater for the extra services.

You will learn more on how to become a successful Spa-Preneur through our programme, Bachelor (Hons) in Beauty Management. You can apply for Bachelor (Hons) in Beauty Management now. Geomatika University College also offers various field of studies. To browse other courses, please visit list of courses offered by Geomatika UC. Let’s continue study with Geomatika University College!

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