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Cybertorium Opening Ceremony

31 January 2020 – President of Geomatika group, Prof Sr Dr Mohaizi Mohamad GUC has announced that ICETIA 2020 will be held in KK, Sabah this year during the launching of Cybertorium Pheonix theatre in here at GUC. The opening ceremony was organized successfully with the collaboration of Faculty of Computing and Innovative Technology (FACIT). All the faculties members were participated in the launching which was held about 2 hours in here GUC.

According to President said that Cybertorium cost about RM 700,000 is set up to create a Hub of Emerging Technology for IR4.0 include Blockchain, AI, Big data, IoT, digital marketing and to keep abreast with new advanced technologies under theme Shaping 2020-25.

He also said that this Cybertorium also functions as an engagement and collaboration center on shared emerging tech business between GUC and potential company to generate income through government tenders. He is very confident that this Cybertorium will become Center of excellent and reference for SME business related to technologies to IR 4.0. He believes that this Cybertorium generates income on Asset monetizing by leasing the asset.

FACIT was placed as 2nd choice faculty in the university mainly to guide and coach other faculties towards digital transformation. FACIT was expected to build and retain advanced workforce skill, while deepening institutional entrepreneurship to boast market competitiveness. Other companies that will be joining with Cybertorium are Consultation Company and Automation Company that will generate income from advertising. Other business clusters to be explored are human resource, food technology, IT technologies and health care.

However, he said this year GUC has decided to conduct ICETIA in Sabah as the chief minister has confirmed that his arrival to the conference as the chief guest. GUC is expecting about 500 participants to participate in ICETIA conference this year.