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Diploma in Quantity Surveying


Approval Code

N/526/4/0119 (15/3/2021)


PA 4133

Course Duration

3.0 Years

Course Mode

Full Time

The impetus for a challenging career as an assistant quantity surveyor or a technical assistant

Diploma in Quantity Surveying – Quantity surveyors are professional financial and contractual advisors to the construction industry. As such advisors, they estimate and monitor construction costs, from the feasibility study stage through to the completion of the construction development project. There is an ample demand for Quantity Surveyors in Malaysia and around the world, especially in developing countries as they are needed throughout the entire lifecycle of a construction project.

Few skills that you need for this course are aye for detail, visionary, good with numbers and Economical. Diploma in Quantity Surveying will become the impetus for a challenging career as an assistant quantity surveyor or a technical assistant in providing the quantity surveying services in various construction-related organizations both in public & private sectors.

First Year

  • Construction Technology I
  • Materials I
  • Legal Studies I
  • Quantities I
  • Construction Technology II
  • Materials II
  • Principles of Economics

Second Year

  • Quantities II
  • Construction Technology III
  • Estimating I
  • Building Services I
  • Legal Studies II
  • Site Surveying
  • Quantities III
  • Construction Technology IV
  • Estimating II
  • Cost Studies II
  • Professional Practice & Procedure I
  • Building Services II

Third Year

  • Quantities IV
  • Estimating III
  • Cost Studies II
  • Professional Practice & Procedure II
  • Project Management
  • Integrated Project
  • Industrial Training

Local Admission


  • Pass with at least three (3) credits including Mathematics; OR


  • Pass with rank “Maqbul” AND Pass Mathematic at SPM level (or equaivalent); OR


  • Pass with at leasr Grade C (CGPA 2.00) in one (1) subject AND Pass mathematic at SPM level (or equivalent); OR


  • Pass Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) with at least Grade B in three (3) subjects including Mathematic AND Pass English subject; OR
  • Obtained Certificate (MQF level 3) in the relevan field of Higher Education (PPT) ehich is recognized by Malaysian Goverment with 2.00 minimum CGPA; OR
  • Obtained Certificate in Vocational/Technical/Community College Certificate/Sijil Kemahiran (SKM level 3) with one (1) year of working experience in related field OR one (1) semester Bridging Program And Pass SPM with at least one (1) credit; OR

O - Level

  • Pass O-level with at least Grade C in three (3) subjects including Mathematics; OR

Other qualification certified by the Government of Malaysia

International Admission

The English Language Entry Requirement for International Student at GEOMATIKA University College are as follows:

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – Band 3.0
TOEFL: Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) – Score 450

** For students who do not have the above English Qualification, they must undergo Geomatika College International’s English Program

Employment opportunities are available as per the following :

  • Assistant Quantity Surveyor
  • Site Clerk​
  • Contract Executive​
  • Site Supervisor
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