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Diploma Journalism – Shine With Skills

As with any aspiring journalist, you need to take a keen interest in people, current affairs and have good general knowledge. Developing your oral and written communication skills is vital so as to get your story across in an interesting and factually correct manner. Language skills are often useful, especially if you would like to travel as a part of your career. Attention to detail is a must. In writing, the fluency of language is vital. That helps deliver your message successfully. 

Interpersonal communication skills are other important skills to be successful in this line. It will help you create a bond with your interviewees, the public and help you climb up the career ladder quickly.

If you want to get into the technical side of broadcast journalism, you need to have a thorough understanding of the types of AV equipment used as well as editing and other software. Be tenacious, confident and methodical in your work and we guarantee you will be successful.

Good photojournalism skills will help you to explore the field much deeper. Other than taking photos, to be able to write stories that communicate what the photo is all made of is something amazing. 

At Geomatika, we believe in ‘learning by doing’. A majority of our coursework involves actively going out into the field, discovering photojournalism and video making, conducting work based projects, divulge news stories of interest and developing them under the guidance of our faculty and industry experts, thereby helping you hone your skills in real life situations so you are prepared right from the moment you graduate.

Socializing is one good attitude that a journalist should have. As a stepping stone, we cater programmes that build strong networking within the media industry. This is why we, at Geomatika, ensure our students have ample opportunity to do this while still studying through guest lectures, visits to different media houses and placements. The scope for broadcast journalism careers in Geomatika is huge – all you need is the right training and guidance.

If you think a career in broadcast journalism is definitely your cup of tea, read all about it on our website and blog and get in touch with us!

You can apply for Diploma in Broadcast Journalism now. Geomatika University College also offers various field of studies. To browse other courses, please visit list of courses offered by Geomatika UC. Let’s continue study with Geomatika University College!