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English Preparation Centre is offering intensive, progressive, and customised English language courses for all students or prospective students at all levels of proficiency.

The English Preparation Centre provides intensive development of listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar skills that students’ or individuals need to communicate accurately and effectively in the academic world and beyond.

Besides that, the English Preparation Centre also prepares International Students to meet the English proficiency’s standard requirement before entering the academic programs by giving related preparation class. Local students can also join any programs offered by the English Preparation Center to improve their communication skills or writing to fulfill the market demand for English requirements.

Programs Offered:

  • General English Language Program
  • IELTS Preparation Course
  • Pre-University English Language Program
  • Certificate in English Proficiency – Elementary
  • Certificate in English Proficiency – Intermediate
  • Certificate in English Proficiency – Advance