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FACIT Forum Day

By March 12, 2020No Comments

11 March 2020 – Faculty of Computing and Innovative Technology, Geomatika University College (GUC) has organized a forum day for FACiT students to gain new knowledge and improve their communication skills. The students consist of Diploma In Creative Multimedia (DCM), Diploma In Broadcast Journalism (DBJ) and Bachelor Of Computer Science.

The panels for the first forum session is Mohammad Nur Haziq Bin Shamsul, Hassan Al Basri Bin Saharom from DCM and Camelia Nor Azlan from DBJ. Their topic is Does social media platform influence Gen-Z to expose themselves to outside world?

The next session panels is Mohd Ahadul Islam, Samsor Helali and Yasmine Ossama Adbelhamid from Bachelor Of Computer science with their topic, The influence of Mobile Video Game on student’s academic performance.

According to Prof. Dr. Wan Su Emi Yusnita Bt Wan Yusof, Dean of FACiT, this is the first time FACiT ever held this forum day because she’s newly here and she planned this new activity for academic purposes that involve students to discover their hidden talent. Objective of this Forum day is to encourage student to overcome their feared speaking in public which is important for their communication skills and critical thinking. Furthermore, she also hoping to have another forum day but this time, she want to collaborate with other universities as well.

Our panel, Camelia Nor Azlan and Mohammad Nur Haziq said this is their first time participating in a forum and it was a great experience for them. Camelia said that the first person who acknowledge her hidden talent is Miss Yugeetha and she’s grateful for the chances and look forward to join another forum. As for Haziq, he didn’t know what is a forum and quite shock to be chosen to participate. He felt very nervous and stumble a bit while talking but he answers every question using his past experience and truth. Unlike Camelia, she’s very prepared because she practiced a day before.

Samsor Helali also said that he felt so relieved because he was hoping for a long session but its great. It was his first forum indeed and he was also nervous but its was a common sense subject where everyone needs to play game once in their life. As for the question, its rather unplanned but fun experience!

The discussion forum is a great way to help both lecturers and students to maintain their communication and allow them to provide and share their opinions with others.

Written by:
Nur Sabrina Zulkifli
Student of Diploma in Broadcast Journalism

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