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Final Presentation for Diploma and Bachelor Architecture

The School of Architecture, Faculty of Asia Built Environment (FAB), recently organized a Final Presentation Review for its Diploma in Architecture & BSc of Architecture students. The event aimed to showcase the students’ design projects based on the themes of Living Capsule, Modern House, and Farm to Fork Gastronomy Centre.

An esteemed academician, Assoc. Prof. Jaafar bin Mohamad, was invited to be a panelist for the event. He evaluated the students’ work and provided valuable insights on important architectural skill sets that they should focus on.

The students’ projects were diverse and showcased their creativity and innovation in the field of architecture. The Living Capsule project explored the idea of sustainable and compact living, while the Modern House project focused on creating a contemporary and functional living space. The Farm to Fork Gastronomy Centre project aimed to design a space that combined the elements of agriculture and gastronomy.

Overall, the Final Presentation Review was a great success, and the students received valuable feedback from the panelists to further enhance their architectural skills and knowledge.