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Gain Practical Experience Through Diploma in Broadcast Journalism

At Geomatika University College, all of the lecturers were educated from local and international universities with minimum Masters Degree education level. They also well experienced from the industries to train the students on how to use the equipment and skills for the student’s future.

The most interesting part is when you study at Geomatika University College 70% is practical and only 30% theories in class with the assessment like the real journalist in the industries. Basically the lecturers will teach the students based on what the industries nowadays require especially in journalism industries that require the students not just know how to write the news article but they also need to know how to handle behind the camera or MCP.

Other than that, with the lecturer creativity to create the enticement for the students to come to class and study by creating so many activities and assessment for the student with that they not just come to study but they also will get knowledge from the activities.

To face the future, all of the alumni journalism students from Diploma in Broadcast Journalism are well trained and 90% of the students not just know how to write an article but most of them can do interviews and behind the camera. Besides that, all of the students have been trained and experienced in writing an article and interviews outsiders for example like students in batch 2016 – 2017 they experience to interviews the Ammar & HotFM crew and 2017-2018 batch students they experienced to involved in Press Conference at Geomatika University College that has been held by Geomatika University College and Avon Malaysia.

With that experience, the students not just well prepared to face the world but they also confident to face the future and working in the industries. Plus, with the skills and practical during studies will make them easy to get a job. You can apply for Diploma in Broadcast Journalism now. Geomatika University College also offers various field of studies. To browse other courses, please visit list of courses offered by Geomatika UC. Let’s continue study with Geomatika University College!

Diploma in Broadcast Journalism - Geomatika