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Geomatika Students Had A Wonderful Trip To Ajinomoto Berhad

September 26, 2023.

Students from IQRA Business School had a wonderful trip to Ajinomoto, Bandar Enstek Seremban. It was a day filled with learning and discovery.

The primary objective of the trip to Ajinomoto is to provide students with a practical and immersive learning experience in the context of their studies in Strategic Management, Operations Management, and Business Strategy. The trip will help students bridge the gap between theoretical classroom learning and real-world business operations, allowing them to witness how business concepts are applied in a practical setting.

The trip to Ajinomoto was to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how Ajinomoto has become a global leader in the food and seasoning industry. It also provides students with insights into the operational aspects of Ajinomoto’s production processes, emphasizing efficiency, quality control, and sustainability measures.

In conclusion, this trip has the potential to be a transformative experience for the students, offering them practical knowledge, personal growth, and inspiration for their future careers in the field of business management.