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How to become a pharmacologist? – BSc Pharmacology

Degree in Pharmacology is still new in Malaysia but it already get approval and recognition from all around the world. Geomatika University College is the first university college in Malaysia which offering Bachelor of Science (Hons) Pharmacology to the expected student and are really welcoming student to come and join them. Bachelor of Science (Hons) Pharmacology is one of the degree program that is offered by Faculty of Bioeconomic & Health Sciences other than Diploma and Degree in Biotechnology, Diploma Pharmacy as well as Diploma in Medical Assistant. Geomatika University College is located at Setiawangsa which is very near to the Kuala Lumpur City Centre and about 10 minutes from the tallest building in Malaysia, Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC). It is really accessible because of the location which is near to the Setiawangsa LRT station with lots of nice food and restaurant to be explore.

Scope of area that is learned and gain during the degree is basically same as Degree in Pharmacy but with extra knowledge in few fields including Immunology, Biotechnology and other interesting subject to be learn. As mentioned previously this Pharmacology Degree is usually mistaken for pharmacy studies. However, pharmacology is a vastly different field that provides you with a deep knowledge of medicine. Pharmacy student learn on how to provide prescription medicines at pharmacies, while pharmacology involves research, development and analysis of new drugs on the human body which is more interesting and have a better job opportunities.

Basically, the first question that will be asked to us is that how a student can become pharmacologist which will come with a very basic answer which will include the requirements to apply for this degree programme. The minimum requirements to enrol for this degree programme is the student must pass either STPM in science stream with CGPA of 2.00 and Grade C in minimum one science subject, or must pass Diploma in Pharmacy with CGPA of 2.00. Any other Diploma in Science with CGPA of 2.00 as well as Foundation in Science student with CGPA of 3.00 can also apply for this Bachelor of Science (Hons) Pharmacology. Other than that, A-level, Matriculation and Pre-University students can also apply for this degree programme with minimum Grade C for three subjects and Grade B in minimum one science subjects. Student from other country are also welcome to apply for the Bachelor of Science (Hons) Pharmacology.

You can apply for Bachelor of Science (Hons) Pharmacology now. Geomatika University College also offers various field of studies. To browse other courses, please visit list of courses offered by Geomatika UC. Let’s continue study with Geomatika University College!