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How to Make Friends in College During Covid-19

Having mates is one of the greatest challenges for a lot of freshers, but it’s a lot simpler than you would expect. Here’s a whole bunch of suggestions you should try.

Any new student fears about making friends at college or university. That’s one reality! And while it’s true everyone’s in the same boat, we realize that not every boat is exactly the same.

Such tried and tested approaches can be put into practice quickly and are sure to help you relax into university life alongside your new friends.

1. Join Campus Events

There will be lots of events for freshers’ week held by your College. It is a perfect opportunity to do something fun and completely unrelated to the academic nature of your program. So, try and join as much as possible. You might be in uncomfortable situation, but you will have no choice but to talk to each other.

2. Your Hostel

To make friends during freshers’ week, it’s super important to make an effort with your housemates straightaway.

When you first meet them, it might feel a bit difficult to know where to begin – but offering to help them move their stuff alleviates some of that awkward small talk.

Having something practical to do will help you both feel more relaxed, and in the process of moving their stuff, you could spot a common interest you both have.

3. Classes

If you turn up to a big scary lecture theatre where you don’t know anyone, the easiest thing to do is scurry to a seat on the back row and sit on your phone until the lecture begins.

But, if you want to make friends on your course, try sitting down next to someone and introducing yourself. You never know, you might hit it off, and if you don’t, you only have to maintain the conversation for 5-10 minutes until the lecture begins. Easy!

4. Online

Before you arrive at university, the best way to make friends is to check out on the Facebook page of the university.

Don’t become too much of a Facebook stalker, but comment on relevant posts, message people or add them as friends as you see appropriate.

5. Around Campus

We’ve said this before, but we’re going to tell it again, because it’s so important: Keep. Your. Door. Open.

It’s important to make friends in university halls.

People would be much more likely to poke their heads in to say hi if you do – a closed door suggests that you don’t want to speak to anybody, or that you haven’t moved in yet!

6. Uni Clubs and Associations

Most institutions have practically hundreds of communities, and you’re expected to find one or two that suits your preferences and tastes.

Once you’ve signed up for the freshers’ fair, make sure you attend meetings and events on a regular basis. It might feel like a hassle at first, because you just don’t know anyone, but stick to it, and soon you’ll meet people who will make you want to keep coming there.

Plus, getting stuck in with extracurricular activities looks great on your CV!

During this pandemic, just keep your personal hygiene and always wearing mask to break the transmission chain. Don’t forget to keep your social distance 1 meter.

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