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Students do hereby sincerely and solemnly undertake that the student will abide by the UGM’S Fee Policy and terms and conditions in respect thereof as informed by UGM to the student from time to time. The student should be aware that upon registration and payment of all fees and deposits to UGM, the student is fully enrolled as a student for the course in UGM.


The student must be aware and understand that upon official withdrawal, the refund of the pro-rated tuition fee is as follows;

  1. International Students who could not meet the visa entry requirement are entitled to refund of full tuition fees. Students must provide an official rejection letter from the Malaysia immigration authorities to UGM to obtain refund of the tuition fees.
  2. Except for Application and Registration Fees, students will be entitled to 80% refund of tuition fee upon official withdrawal before the commencement of the semester or before the subject registration occurs or before the student pass is issued.
  3. Students are entitled to 50% refund of tuition fee upon official withdrawal during a period between first (1) to third (3) weeks of the semester. However, if the student receives the student pass and immediately want to drop the semester. The refund will not be entertained.
  4. No refund of tuition fees shall be made for withdrawal made after the 3rd week of the semester.


If the student wants to apply for deferment after the commencement of a semester, fees will be charged and any fee to be transferred to the next semester will be on a pro-rated basis. Upon official deferment, the transfer of the pro-rated tuition fee is as follows:

  1. 100% of the semester fees are transferable upon official deferment before the commencement of the semester to the first week upon approval from the visa department.
  2. 50% of the semester fees are transferable upon official deferment during a period between two (2) to four (4) weeks of the semester.
  3. Except for the registration and library deposits, no transfer of the semester fees shall be transferable for deferment made and effective after 4th week of the semester.


  1. An administration charge of RM 200 will be imposed on all withdrawals.
  2. The student can make payments for fees and deposits by bank transfer, bank draft or Authorised Credit Card Transaction only and 2% processing fees shall be charged for payment made through credit card.
  3. Students who are expelled for academic and disciplinary misconducts shall only be entitled for refundable deposits only. The student must apply for refund of fees within six (6) months of withdrawal which failure shall result in the amount of refunds accrue in the favor of UGM and henceforth the right to claim shall automatically cease.

If the student fails to pay my fees, the student will be barred from classes, examinations and the use of facilities in UGM. The refund made to students shall be interest-free (except the late payment charges and management fee charged) and may be set-off by UGM for whatsoever payments or debts owed to the UGM.