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International Youth Engagement Conference (IYouNG20)

18th & 19th NOVEMBER 2020 – Student Affairs & Alumni, Geomatika University College (GUC) has organized International Youth Engagement Conference (IYouNG20. This conference successfully gathered students from 7 countries, namely students from Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur & Sabah), Poland, Australia, Tunisia, Philippines, India and Bangladesh. This conference aims to share knowledge and experience from their respective countries under one heading YOUTH ENGAGEMENT TOWARDS RESILIENCE COMMUNITY DURING PANDEMIC.

This Conference also enables student to enhance their skill and talent by participating in the ‘IYouNG20’. This conference lasted for 2 days with 10 speakers and 9 webinars with interesting topics. among them are partnerships related to mental health during the pandemic, the challenges of adolescents in the pandemic season, job opportunities for adolescents in the pandemic season, the new norms of life in the psychological challenges facing the pandemic in their respective countries. In addition, all participants will get knowledge to survive on Pandemic and get give a hand to people.

In the conference we have special keynote session as Launching IYouNG Network by Vice Chancellor, Professor. Dr. Syed Helmy Bin Syed Abu Bakar.  IYouNG Network is one of the youth networks to continue to provide services to all people in the country and also abroad as well as to strengthen friendship, collaboration activities and exchange knowledge with the youths throughout the country.