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As a part of income generation for the Faculty of Bioeconomics & Health Sciences, we offer our laboratory testing services to identify product components using an advanced technology, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). PCR can detect the components present in a product. This can help support better understanding about a product’s ingredient and formulation.

This service can be widely utilised by entrepreneurs who want to expand their business by learning more details about their products. It is also applicable for those who wishes to attain hands-on skills in handling molecular works regardless their background and experience.

A lot of Malaysian companies proactively seek employees that possess the necessary skills and knowledge as required by the industry.

The GUC provide the following services:

• PCR Laboratory Training
• Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
• Good Lab Practice (GLP)
• Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
• Clinical Trials
• Animal Testing
• Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing (solid, semisolid, liquid dosage form)

We offer comprehensive certificate training programs designed to develop the knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of a global and complex pharmaceutical industry.