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Learning Biotechnology through a Trip at FRIM

Biotechnology is an appealing and variegated field, but people most likely to see it in a situation where a scientist with a lab coat and glove in front of all lab apparatus and equipments. To break the stereotype, students of Diploma in Biotechnology and Bachelor in Science (Hons) Biotechnology from Faculty of Bioeconomic & Health Science (FABHS) organized one casual yet educational trip to Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM).

Dr. Getha, Dr. Hasnida & Dr. Kevin gave us the best hospitality ever where they welcomed us with big bright smile and provided vast information regarding biotechnology and the lab they are in-charge of. Below are the knowledge secured by students during this trip.

Microbial Culture Collection Lab (Dr. Getha)

  • Approximately 70,000 microorganism culture collections are kept neatly and arranged in Microbial Culture Collection Lab.
  • Microorganisms culture kept in slant tube since 2004.

Plant Tissue Culture Lab (Dr. Hasnida)

  • The processes needed to produce plant tissue culture.
  • Various species of cultures were cultured in this lab, i.e. Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia), Jelutong (Dyera costulata), Bamboo (Gigantochloa & Bambusa spp.)

Molecular Lab (Dr. Kevin)

Recent instruments in molecular laboratories such as electrophoresis, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), laminar flow, deep freezer, gel documentation system, thermal cycler, nanodrop spectrophotometer and others.

Crown Shyness

Peculiar, impressive forest roof of Kapur trees (Dryobalanops aromatica) This Wow Spot is a natural phenomenon available only in Malaysia, Indonesia, Costa Rica and Argentina.

Learning does not only take place within the four walls of the classroom and within the confines of the traditional school day. Geomatika University College had always been encouraging their students to go beyond thus, this casual academic trip would be the best example.

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