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“Life As a Pharmacy Student at Geomatika University College”

By March 19, 2019January 31st, 2020No Comments

I am a Diploma in Pharmacy student undergoing studies at Geomatika University College since 2016, I joined GUC as a freshman student with full of excitement and enthusiasm upon finishing my Diploma level.

Why pharmacy you might ask? Among all health sciences, pharmacy is a field which has endless prospects, versatile and has much advancement in the future of healthcare. I am passionate on how fast pharmacy is evolving and there are no limitations on the specific area of field to focus on. Pharmacy has many branches which provide many career opportunities. You could either work in a clinical, hospital and community-based pharmacy or pharmaceutical industries manufacturing medicines and oral products as well as opportunities to own your own business. If you’re passionate about the future of pharmacy, there’s always the research field which makes way for endless possibilities of drug/disease research in the development and advancement of healthcare.

Studying pharmacy particularly in GUC is very rewarding in the sense of learning to be independent, having a different perspective/outlook on life, able to cope in stressful situations, thinking out of the box, self-development and most importantly, being professional in every aspect. Besides lectures, tutorials and workshops, GUC has unique teaching methods such as having Problem Based Learning (PBL) using small group discussions, industrial/clinical visits, having fun practical sessions and Pharmacy Skill Development (PSD). This actually trains us to think critically, able to communicate confidently and work together as a team, learning how to find valuable facts/information from reliable resources without depending on anyone and having a mutual understanding among lecturers and students without barriers.

In the long run, this is effective as it develops our soft skills as well as having a positive transformation from within and learning to make an impeccable impression when dealing with patients and other healthcare professionals.

If one may ask, “Describe how’s a typical day as a pharmacy student?” My answer is simple, it’s challenging like all other courses yet rewarding in the long term. There are days when there are non-stop classes from 9am – 6pm as well as days when it’s much more relaxed. However by the end of a long day, nothing beats a good ‘Mamak’ session just right opposite the university with your friends while having a good time. It’s all about time management and setting up priorities and still being able to have a social life. Besides that, if you’re bored from studying and want to take a break, there’s always something fun going on to keep the University College vibrant such as activities/food sales organised by various clubs & societies as well as motivational/representative speakers giving talks organised by the University College.

Speaking of clubs, there’s a wide variety of extra-curricular activities that GUC offers. All these events/clubs that I’ve actively participated in have definitely built me into an all-rounder person as well as instilling leadership qualities in me. In the process I have also met many students/lecturers from various faculties as well as international students and am able to work with them in unity, without boundaries as a team in a professional manner as well as exchange our views on the current and future global prospects in healthcare. This is important and useful later on in the real world as we would be dealing with all sorts of people of different characters and personalities.

GUC lecturers have definitely played a vital role in my life. My interactions with them are strong as they’ve always been there to guide me throughout my journey in GUC and there’s so much one could learn from them. I have an amazing mentor who is my source of inspiration and also my motivator. These lecturers have been helpful in finding a place for me to intern, networking, advising on the importance of publications and educating me on life after a basic pharmacy diploma.

I have many memorable events in GUC and one memory in particular which I would forever cherish is probably my last day at GUC after a hell-breaking Semester 4 examination. It was memorable to me because at that point of time I felt a huge relief, satisfaction and proud of how far I’ve progressed looking back from my very first day in GUC. I would also cherish the wonderful support and motivation I’ve received from my beloved friends and all our effective study groups and role play sessions.

To me, one of the main benefits of studying in GUC is the ability to transfer to their wide variety of linked prestigious partner universities and colleges from around the world. The reason I chose GUC because I’ve always find fascinating studying in GUC and would definitely want to pursue my study in higher level at GUC. I’m determined and I believe that by taking this step with a leap of faith, I can fulfil my goals and ambition in GUC.

Lastly, my advice for the juniors or anyone in GUC is to make the best use of their time. As youth, this is the time where we build ourselves and discover our true potential in becoming a global citizen. Make use of your time by volunteering or working in a field related to your job scope. Build your resume with experiences from now onwards and don’t be afraid to take risks and grab opportunities.

Don’t study just for exams but for the future of your job scope and learn with passion. Learn to be able to write professionally and be brave enough to face any challenges which come in your path. The real world out there is very competitive, so always be a few steps ahead of the rest.

The most important of all, make good use of your lecturers and mentors. They serve as an inspiration and excellent role models with their impeccable qualifications and experiences. Have a good relationship/friendship with them without barriers and there’s so much you can learn and achieve in the future. Connect with your lecturers and peers on social media such as LinkedIn and keep yourself updated with the latest news in healthcare as well as the future of your job scope.

“Every risk is worth taking as long as it’s for a good cause, and contributes to a good life”- Richard Branson

My motto in life: “As a pharmacy student, I believe in always being professional and ethical as well as equipping myself with the latest knowledge in healthcare and be up-to-date with the current global status in every aspect. I Strive Towards A Professional Pharmaceutical Excellence.”

You will learn more about Pharmacy through our programme, Diploma in Pharmacy. You can also apply for Diploma in Pharmacy and Bachelor of Science (Hons) Pharmacology now. Geomatika University College also offers various field of studies. To browse other courses, please visit list of courses offered by Geomatika UC. Let’s continue study with Geomatika University College!

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